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Feb 7, 2012

Idee Naa Kadha - Mallemaala (MS Reddy)

Actually, I read this book while watching over my sick kid.  She had high fevers and kind of did a night out watching her over and this book came handy.  In fact this is my first read in the Ipad and I really appreciated reading in that!!

She has been feeling terrible, cough, cold, vomiting phlegm and making all the mess only a kid can make in a minute and then once done with her round of vomit and stuff, she is back to playing even with high fever.. sigh!!

I came to know about this book through the controversy it created actually.  As usual the media created hype about the content and all.  I tried various sources of my usual book buying centers and online book stores but they were banned or something and I could not even get them for a higher price.  At one point, the crazy me thought of hunting down his home address and getting a copy of it and questioning the author  a bit but unfortunately the golden oldie took a leave from this world before I could do that.  I am not a big e-book reading type of a person, so did not even try searching for one, then suddenly found the link on a blogging buddy's FB profile and promptly downloaded it on the Ipad and finished it.

Having known MS Reddy earlier through some film functions and having heard him speak, the book did not come as a surprise but what left me wondering was the book only dealt with NTR and Sobhan Babu no mention about ANR family, to an extent Krishna but no other major stars of those days... !

I truly feel the book is from his heart.  In this world of distracted biographies, I really do not mind reading it.  I do not consider them facts and facts only but I certainly will not rubbish them either.  He does a bit of a self-praise... err lots of it actually and criticizes every one equally including his own family and son which kind of gives a genuine feel.  He was not trying to mask his emotions, he was just letting it go which is one good point.

In short, it is a book, I felt set in the tone my grandfather or any other person of that generation would have put in words.  His life, his experiences, his view point... !  Not as spicy as it is projected to be, a honest effort is what I personally feel...

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