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Feb 2, 2012

Movie Time of late :)

Books and movies are what keep me going in a place without any real human friends who I am in sync with to talk to.  It is only virtually that I get to meet a lot of people.  The people that I see day in and day out are just kid, mom, a few relatives in and around the village, household help, kid's friends, the golden oldies, driver/s, shopkeeper/s.

I love living this laid-back lazy life and do not really want to move out of this place as of yet, for kid's schooling maybe I would have to but not just yet.

So, these days I have covered a whole range of movies.. new to old to not so old ones... a quick zip-through review of them all :).

It is really tough to give a one-word verdict on the craft called movie on which a whole lot of lives depend.. keeping aside the bigwigs, from clap-boy to the door man of theaters (the very micro level)..


One of the very good and sensibly made movies of the recent times.  Loved watching the movie, subtle and close-to-real life performances by all the artists.  Kind of showcases the fact that life is a bubble.  Just loved every frame and shot in the movie.  Great job.


Watched this one in our dabba Poornima, first day first show after a long long time :).  It is a old world theater, no DTS, not even proper seating or fans but still I go there 'cos I love watching movies on big screen and encourage them for running in this remote area.

One happy thing is that it is much better to release movies in such C- graded theaters instead of 25/- 3 movie pirated DVDs!!

Can Watch Once In Theaters.. For fans, it is Mahesh all the way, at his best actually. Watch it with an open mind, don't try to use logic, 'cos it is nonexistent. What is with Kajal who just seems to be paid to look bad with each movie. Of course looking good next to MB is a tough task but still!

"Mindlessly Mahesh" in one word!

PS: - Sir Ostaaru song's choreography awesome... ROFL'lably cute!


Must admire Nagarjuna and Supriya to have undertaken this movie.  No doubt it is because of Nag's sale-ability did we get to watch this movie on screen, any small actor, it would have been termed as a documentary or arty-type movie.  The little girl Ani has really performed well.  I have not really seen any mainstream movies on Telangana struggle for freedom, their living conditions, I have read about oppression by Doras the very pitiable living conditions of the poor, the lack of opportunities but nothing really has been presented this good.

Nagarjuna was good, Sneha did justice to her very small role and so did the rest of the characters.  Music, the girl are no doubt heroes.  It is the girl's struggle to meet the PM, Nehru to let him know about the problems in her area and making them aware of the need of working towards their upliftment.  Wonderful performances.

Great effort!


I loved all the songs in the movie and of course wanted to see the second movie of Nara Rohit after Banam.  He is definitely not a typical tollywood hero material but I love his strong voice and seems to me like just boy next door, speaks the language the way I do :), so kind of connected there ;).  Good story line.  An orphan wanting to get married to a girl from a big joint family.  How he meets a girl and how he gets married to her eventually convincing everyone of his love and ability to take care of her despite being an orphan.

"nenu poyetappudu naa chuttu naluguru lekapote naa tappu gaani, puttinappudu lekapote naadela tappu avutundi sir"

alaa gurtundipoyindi ee dialogue and that is the essence of the story.


Typical re-birth revenge story starring JPB and Priyamani... can skip it and watch it on TV if you want to!


The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was K. Viswanth and he indeed has played a different role, one we can not really associate with him, so that being the only fresh point.. the rest of the movie is DVD or TV watch.

7th Sense 
Personally, I am a Surya-Jyo fan and wanted to watch 7th sense after favorable reviews from a couple of buddies but then again period movies are something I dont really enjoy so was kind of having lesser expectations of me liking it... but I did watch without actually getting bored and thanks to the movie I got to know about Bodhi Dharma and Shaolin temple and stuff !  Sruthi Hasan has a good role to portray and for a new comer she did well.

Oh My Friend

Siddarth... phew!!! This seemingly sensible in real life guy has of late been selecting not-so good story line movies and same old kind of message oriented youth dramas are kind of getting on to me.  It is okay to watch once kind of a movie which deals about how a boy and a girl can just be friends and be really good friends without actually having to fall in love or get married.  The question raised is very genuine in today's scenario, how they overcome it might be what I personally approve of but something workable.

Rati Nirvedam

A movie with steamy exposing posters of Swetha Menon is something I had not originally intended to watch.  It is the story set in a Malayalam household where the son of the house visits his native village for his vacation before joining Engineering in a nearby town.  Adolescence and exploits in youth lead him to fall for Rathi, his neighbor who is older than him and a close family friend.  She resists initially but finally succumbs to the feeling.. the movie has a tragic ending but the story line does not really hold good for changing morals of today; however, such things do happen still... kind of left me thinking for a while.

Hammayya.... raasesaanoch!!!

Wanted to watch Dirty Picture but could not, waiting if it would come to Poornima Hall but this Businessman seems to be stuck for 100 days here ;).

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