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Feb 3, 2012

Oka Sex Worker Aatmakadha - Nalini Jameela (Kaatyaayini)

One more booked I picked from VJA book exhibition.

I dont usually prefer translations, I actually want to read this book in Malayalam, the way it is told by her or maybe even meet her.

Thanks to the movies, I got to know about Mumbai Red Light Area, Amalapuram area, or Calcutta Sonagachi but Kerala company houses or thaarvads is where born as Nalini and re-named Jameela now known as Nalini Jameela comes from!

There are certain statements and incidents in the book that kind of left a lingering impact on me, so many questions raised by her are valid not just for sex workers but for all the women, irrespective of the class or society she comes from.  Truth is bitter.  It is easy to become judgmental but the trauma, the struggle that goes into their becoming what they are is something that is conveniently ignored.  Nalini raises a fundamental question as to the dual standards of the society where it looks down on the SW but goes easy on their clients.  The system which conveniently forgives/forgets what a man has done never even hesitates to hurl abuses on the woman indulged in the same activity.

The book not only deals with the life of sex workers but the insecurity of living a life of a woman on roads, becoming an easy prey to the world outside.  The abuse of various forms, changing in degree and form but still existing by and large, the harassment.  The way they see it as the only reason for protecting themselves.  When I was actually reading it, I felt that such women did a right thing deciding to do it voluntarily and feed and protect themselves from the men who would at any rate use her as object of desires.  Is it the right way or the only way.. CERTAINLY NOT... but judging them based on what they do, isolating them from the society, tagging them.. what good is it.

With the rapidly changing morals and values in the society and being fully aware of so many extra-marital, premarital affairs, flings, for fun, for pocket money, on a high, in the name of love things that keep happening in front of our very own eyes, if we are quick to condemn what they do for a living, then we must certainly RETHINK!!!

I also personally doubt the rehabilitation of ex-sex workers.  How far is it successful, forcibly taking them away without their willing.

The author defends the rights of people who still want to continue as SW, their forum while helping those want to get out of the trade get settled elsewhere also works towards the problems of the SW.

I want to watch the documentary/video that she made, a day in the life of a SW.  Married thrice, all the times against her wish, getting in and out of the profession, begging in temples and mosques, kept away from children, one of whom died, a daughter who she knows nothing about now and a daughter who supports her now knowing everything.. a life full of lows and lowest lows and a little bit of hope which she wants to give others whose plight she understands...

A book that got me thinking!!!


Apple said...

I read this a while ago (picked up from my aunt's library)...mottham gurthu ledu kaanee aa cover page meeda aame photo, thanu adigina konni prasnalu baagaa gurthundipoyaayi...

Prostitution is not just an issue related to degrading moral values in the society...kaanee most of the ppl focus on this aspect only, SWs ni aa profession loki vellelaa chesina paristhithula gurinchi maatram evaroo maatlaadaru...Huhh!

Sree said...


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