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Apr 16, 2012

Back to Back Movies...

Am yet again on another break from work due to some health issues that are out of my control... i.e., a bout of shingles, extremely painful but thank God (touchwood) the kid did not catch it, the vaccine seems to have worked just fine for her!!

So, I have been watching movies to keep me distracted, not really enjoying reading... some block there has been!!!... maa dabbalo vacchinavi vacchinattu choodatam maatram baagundi.

Kurraalloy Kurraallu
Starring Samantha and Adharva (Hrudayam Murali's son) this is one sensible and sensitive movie, not a rosy romance but near real life characterization of a boy next door crazy about flying kites, Rajnikanth.. a good friend and a sincere youth who unknowingly gets to witness the murder of an influential politician by mistake and how events lead to his tragic death.  Samantha is good and guy portrayed the role subtly..

Ee rojullo
Small budget films with sensible story line are really doing a great job these days with the characters being highlighted and not the artist donning them.  Starring Reshma and Srinivas deals with the friendships, love, affairs and trends in youth these days, the high paid jobs, the easy life, the choices in front of them, how good or bad they are for each person... sensitive story line and a sensible portrayal.. loved the song ring..tring... ee rojullo :).. a contemporary storyline well handled with almost entirely new casting, refreshing!  Another RGV inspired class of film maker doling out good stuff, will watch out for more from Maruthi.

Love Failure
Again an experimental movie and thank God, Siddharth got it right this time.. Love Amala Paul who looks like Deepika and Priyanka Chopra mix but lovely :) and the pairing is good.  Sid does not really look old for portraying college going guy and so pairing is perfect.  Loosely based on the concept of Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus, a different take of the movie, a different narrative style like interacting exclusively with the audience to the camera by Sid is kind of new and different and the best thing I liked about the movie is that the maker stuck to the concept and no frills or extras to deviate from it... Finally a good movie from Sid and again sensible movie making in a very low budget, win-win formula!!

PHEW!!! Finally one movie starring Nitin which I could actually sit through completely.. God, don't this guy or the producers/directors get tired of making those dumb movies with him??? I would not have dared to watch the movie but for a positive review from Keerthi.   no extreme mindless violence, Nitya Menon, I fell in love with her in this movie, she is expressive, good to look at and a no-nonsense performer.  A spoilt brat son of a police commissioner thrown out of the family for his violent attitude, Ajay the brother of Nitya tries to get back to the family by behaving as though he had changed when he has not actually, how the hero who meets Nitya accidentally falls for her and realizes that she is the sister of the guy who was behind his sister who kind of scared her.. how he manages to please the parents and bring about a change in the brother and ends the story happily is the basic story line... Good movie, can watch once without wincing or getting bored for me..

Poola Rangadu
But for the six pack of Sunil, undoubtedly a result of extreme hard work, this movie kind of seemed to be a different version of Maryada Ramanna, fighting relatives behind his life, how Sunil tries to mask his real identity and tries to get back the hard earned money of his parents saved for his sister's wedding that he has invested unknowingly in a disputed land.. can watch once!

Mr. Nookayya
The one movie that I hated the most in recent times is this one.. eewww... eeks.. story line is good, the concept is good but everything seemed to be dragging and this is one movie I wanted to kind of rush out of the theater even before the interval, second half at least I could manage but first half was such a pain.  I really admire Manoj and look out for his ventures as they do make sense, I really am not sure what went wrong where but this is something we can watch in a fast forward mode.. and like Kajal who seems to be getting uglier looks with each movie, Manoj just looks so ouuchhhh...

Naa Ishtam
Another RGV inspired movie, storyline and even the title :)... Rana tries to dance, looks like a huge rugby player jumping around mindlessly, I do not really find it cute but the strong point is his voice modulation and language flow.  Story about a guy who is mindlessly selfish but with a good heart, who thinks what comes to his mind first is just HIM and nobody else and keeps repeating it time and again.  Genelia's trademark role which she just carries off with ease... can watch just once!!!

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