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Apr 26, 2012

Meditation and Me...

I have been through various forms of meditation either through a guru or through a friend

Art of Living - Pranayama and kriyas.
Isha - Kriya through chant of a-u-m.
Pyramid Dhyana - Swasa meeda Dhyaasa..

There has been a pyramid dhyana camp in the village a while ago which I attended and now there is a 40-day workshop between 2 and 4 p.m. which has masters coming over for lectures and then some dhyaana sessions in between, loving the experience and want to share what I am learning there... I am sure a lot of you must have had some experience with meditation, pls. do share them for greater good.

The one I am practicing right now is 

"swasa meeda dhyaasa" sit in any posture, squatted in padmasana or in a chair, keep the legs crossed and fingers of both hands criss-crossed and in your lap, close your eyes and just focus on our breath.. inhale, exhale and total silence within.. thoughts will come cut them.. the silence between the thoughts or the gap between the thoughts is the actual dhyana.. cut the thought as it comes, focus on breath.. gradually the thoughts go down and silence increases..

Minimum time to spend is the number of years of your age.. eg. i am 33, so 33 minutes of observing dhyana..

It is helping me a lot.. for the first time in a couple of years, I was able to take deep breath without coughing within just 3 days, so I am recommending this to you all... 

not just this any form of meditation, does good for you.. 

What I am liking the best about this routine is that I get to listen to a few of the practicing masters who make an effort to come down and clear our doubts regarding meditation or anything in general or in specific. I get to learn a lot of stuff and get answers for a whole lot of questions, it is like taking away my inner struggle a lot better than anything else in the recent past.

I had so many questions as to why this, why that.. why am i the way that I actually am and all that stuff, that inner struggle not able to fit in among the people around me, that fight putting up with so many people.. no one could give me an apt answer or nothing that really gave me satisfaction.. I liked the expln. below

I keep saying i dont act, I am being myself, I am always struggling not to fit and mould things according to me.. but the thing is I need not act but I can learn to love, keep the negativity aside, if i think the relationships are all about acting and I am resisting that acting and there by being straight forward or whatever, it is in no way helping lessen my aggression or distress.. one point is why do I need to act, why cant i really love, why cant I be the beginning of the feeling that I want to get..

There has been a tremendous change in my outlook, health and a lot more things in life. I am a lot more positive to begin with.. I handle stress better... I find answers to my questions within myself...

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