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Apr 26, 2012

Dhyaana - My Perspective

Actually the content here is copy and paste from what I had written earlier in a forum... just thought of posting it here for my personal reference.

There was a very valid and thought provoking question from a friend to which I had responded through experience.

There was a post from you that meditation helps you calm your mind when you see things wrong and cant also correct it...nenu konchem mind paducheskuntanu when i see people telling lies and break trust all the meditation only the solution to this? is there no other way to deal with people like this, manam meditate chesi just let go cheyala prati sari? i am desperately looking for answer to these questions...any advice or tips would be of great help!

I guess as ordinary human beings we just tend to get irritated with so much of negativity and planning and plotting at the verge of shameless by people around us, some in the family, some in friends, relatives... blood boil aipotundi okkosaari, kottalem kaani viragotteseyyaali ani kooda anipinchedi naakaite, nelakesi badesi...

No meditation is not an instant solution to each and every problem or each and every such instance... In stead, what meditation in true sense does is enable to see yourself from within, cleanse yourself, purify your own thoughts, dissociate yourself from the mud and malice around you, clear your thoughts and makes you strong from within, i wont say you will get immune day 1, 2, 3 in your 5 to 10 minute stints that you give yourself in 24 hours that God has given us but it slowly paves a way for you to want more of yourself and less from others.  You are on your way to attain peace of mind, the journey has just begun ani.

If we handle meditation as something to clear your clutter for the day, okay it is for the starters but the eventual goal is to see that you do not gather any clutter at any point... sariggaa cheppaano ledo teliyatledu, sariggaa saadhana cheste, asalu meelo kaani mee chuttoo kaani chedu aalochanalu, bhaavaalu anevi perukokundaane undagalugutaaru, eventually.. but like they say daaniki chaala chaala saadhana kaavaali to begin with number of years and number of minutes target pettukondi.. i am going to be 33 so I do around 33 minutes, alaaga... spending time within yourself is the essence of meditation.

Time dorakatledu anukodam manalni manam mosam chesukodame... anni gantalu anni nimishaallo kevalam konni nimishaalu manaki manam ketaayinchukolemu anedi nijamgaa jarigite, life mana controllo ledu manam daani control lo unnaam ane fact manaki artham aipotundi.. ee chinna vishayam aalochiste kanaka things will fall into place in a very rapid manner!!!

Coming to the way, we tackle those people ante.

No one can change the way the other person is thinking or doing or saying.. okko saari manaki manameede control undadu but we conveniently blame others for our lack of self control, vaadu chesina pani moolaana kopam vacchindi, vaadu anna maatalaki hurt ayyanu, vaadu alaantivaadu, vaadu nannu nammaka droham chesaadu, vaadini nenu nammaanu ivanni manaki manam erpaatu chesukunna convenient thoughts... agreed that particular person has x,y,z negativity but he is just doing them and leaving them and we are carrying them in our mind for quite a lot more time.

Putting yourself in their shoes and thinking also does not help, why waste even a single moment thinking about them... mana jeevitamlo manaki ento precious time malli tirigi raanidi ilaanti useless fellowski dedicate cheyyatam avasaramaa ani okka alochana annitiki full stop pettestundi.

Ivanni eppudo okappudu manaki artham ayyeve, ledante evaro okaru manaki cheppeve but evaro chepte manam accept cheyyalem, ilaa meditationloki vellinappudu, vaddu anukuntunna manaki vacche thoughts cut off aipoyinaaka manaki vacche realizationlo ninchi vacche result idi.. denikaina sare solution manalone untundi.. nuvvu devudu anedi enta nijamo edutivaadilonu ade devudu unnaadu vaadu realize avvatledu, nuvvu realize ayyaavu kadaa ade treatment vaadiki ivvu ani telusukunna rojuna naa problems sagam teeripoyaayi.

If we send out some energy into the universe, it will bounce back to you million times.. so send only positive vibes.. nenu positivegaa unnaanu avatali vaallu negativegaa unnaaru antey, our positive energy is just not enough ani artham chesukondi, mee positivityni meeru underestimate chesukokandi, eventually avatali vaadu has to give way to you... you are not bothering ante no one will dare to come near you... emi farak padutundi annatu.. care a damn annattu untoo.. mimmalni meeru strong chesukondi.. meeru cheppakarledu ani avatali vaallaki artham ayipotundi... So make yourself strong.

Daaniki vere solutions undocchu but naaku telisindi, tochindi... workout ayyindi meditation... there is an answer to everything and the best thing is you do not even have to wait till the question presents itself... meeku question kante mundare answer telisipotundi...

boledu sodi cheppaaanu kada.. but naaku inta relief icchina meditation gurinchi enta cheppinaa enta mandiki cheppinaa takkuve... I just am sending positive energy into the universe :)))) ani gaaaaaaaaaaattttttiii nammaakam...

Please do it more often, regularly and be happy!

Abbo, malli chadutunte naaku nene bhale muddocchesaanu :)... anyways, dhyanam effectlo unnanta kaalam enchakka cartoonslono cinemallono choopinchinattu naa netti chuttu oka positive halo untundi ani baaaaaaaaaaaga artham ayyindi chaala rojula taravata ee post chadivite.


Kranthi said...

heylo sree !
nicely written :-) ! long back i read one Giddu Krishnamurthy's book..forgot the title of that book. It gives his view on"living in this moment", "breath" and the other things. I will search after goin home and let you know the title...i mean..if u wanna read !

anyways... have hundred percent peace ! :-)

Sree said...

I have a few books of him with me, waiting for the time and right frame of mind to start them.. thanks for reminding,

Sree said...

thank you and wish you the same by the way :).. kranthi.

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