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Apr 26, 2012

Dhyana and First Timers

When you are doing Dhyana for the first time, pick up one technique.. choose from the available multiple options and stick on to it. If it is guided meditation, has some kind of a breathing technique associated with it or some chant to go with it, it is always advised that you get that from a guru or a person who practices it for quite some time.

If any yoga or meditation center is close by, you can take that opportunity to get that information under proper supervision. If in case, for people like me who cannot for any reason gain access to proper gurus, I would suggest this Swasa Meeda Dhyaasa.. because there is nothing you do here.. not even breathe deep or in a particular order.. it is just that you shut everything else by closing your eyes and open your soul and listen to that very natural process of your own breathing, something that you have been doing from the time you were born... not even the thoughts of if you are breathing right or not... and let your mind and soul guide you.

Whatever be the technique selected, its ultimate goal is to find answers from within... Good luck, pick whatever suits you the best.. my point is do not leave it, hold on to it till the very end...

Dhyana During Period/Cycle
Yoga cheyyakoodadu ani cheptaaru kaani, this Swasa meeda Dhyasa type of meditation can be done in any which form in any which position at any which place.. just close your eyes, cross your fingers and feet and take relaxed position and carry on.

 Even during your period or in journey, before going to sleep, just after waking up from sleep, short gaps between work, anytime!!! ... but immediately after a heavy meal ante it will become sleep more than Dhyaana, so a gap of minimum 1 hour after full meal and min 1/2 hr before light meal is better, so that it does not actually become sleep.

Dhyaana is a state of zero or doing nothing, thinking nothing with your complete knowledge and conscious.. when you lose the conscious, it becomes sleep.
well I am not ready for this yet ante, all I can say is it is never too early to start.. we are talking about some dhyaana to attain moksha or whatever, we are talking about recharging ourselves on a day to day basis.. we get adequate rest in our sleep and gather energy for the next day's tasks or store those reserves for maybe a couple of days but doing dhyaana, meditation is like recharging and invigorating self.. especially for moms with kids... trust me it helps a lot!!!!!!!

Swasa Meeda Dhyaasa For Beginners
Thoughts vaste vaatini cut chestoo, oka comfortable positionlo feet and hands fingers fold chesi... crossing your hands and feet, so that whole bodylo generate ayye energy becomes an aura around you.. sit on a chair or squat on the floor.. sleep on the bed.. feet kaalla meeda vesukuni, chetulu potta meeda pettukuni, kallu moosukuni swasa flowni.. inhale and exhale ni observe cheyyatame ee SMD. Consciousgaa effort petti pattern of breathing cheyyadam like Pranayama kaadu.. just meeru normalgaa meeku teliyakunda teesukune breathni observe chestoo undatame..

indulo you dont take help of any chant.. just pure silence from within, thoughts will come, especially in the initial phases.. pantam kosam aina ekkuvaga vacchi they clutter your mind but keep at it.. cut the thoughts when you realize the process.. just let the flow go... but consciousgaa try to cut the thoughts.. it is as simple as that... if you go to sleep doing that is okay.. but for conscious meditation, after you finish the meditation, dont open your eyes just like that... close your eyes with both your palms.. do not rub the palms, slowly open the eyes after a count down of 5 and clap your hands at the end of it, so that the energy generated gets distributed through your finger tips which have very important nerve ends!!

Good luck.... it seems simple, is simple but has enormous results...!!

Start slowly... spend some time for yourself everyday... a few minutes in 24 hours for your VERY OWN SELF...... body total fatigue aipoyaaka charge cheyyadaaniki inkaa energy reserves migili unnappude cheyyadaaniki chaala difference telustundi meeku.. would be glad if you start spending some time within yourself.

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