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Apr 27, 2012

Done With the Lot

Hammayya...finished all the movies in my to-watch list..

Dirty Picture
I do not really know how far it is true, who the reel characters are in real life... whether it is the story of Silk Smitha in real or not..all hoo haa about Vidya Balan, her putting on weight, slutty act, the hype about it and the latest controversy of airing it on TV, nothing really made me like this movie..Vidya did something out of routine.  True, that is the fate of many people in the industry, by and large there are certain facts portrayed.... to me the movie was done in bad taste!

A really bold attempt by Aishwarya for her debut movie, out of the norm movie, konchem drag ayinattu anipinchindi at times but covering a psychological condition and portraying a different angle of love, though unreasonable to the viewer, could very well be true...a very good attempt.  Sruthi and Dhanush suited the roles to the T.. could not have visualized any other... will watch out for more from her.

A feel good movie.. voice reminded me of his father, Adi is a good performer, father daughter love angle beaten to death concept, treatment is not really now but okay can watch once.

Okay movie, logicless mindless chiru family fan catering movie.. disappointment from Charan yet again.. Tamanna, well I kind of am having overdose of her maybe... but could not really take to her acting or looks in this movie..

Hammayya... anni ayipoyiniyyi... ippudu Dammu kosam waiting... first day first show enda debbaki dadisi ellaledu kaani okasaari choosi paareste potundi kadaa :).

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