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Apr 29, 2012

Hothon Se Choolo Tum

Singer:  Jagjit Singh
Movie:  Prem Geet

Hoton se choolo tum, mera geet amar kardo
Banjao meet mere, mera preet amar kardo -2-

Naa Umrki seema ho
Naa Janmka ho bandhan -2-

Jab pyar kare koi
to dekhe keval mann
nayi reet chaala kar tum
yeh reet amar kadro -2-

Aakaash ka soonaapan
mere tanhaa mann mein

payal channkaati tum
aa jao jeevan mein
Saansen dekar apni
Sangeet amar kardo
Sangeet amar kardo
mera geet amar kardo

Jagne cheena mujhse
mujhejo bhi lagaa pyaara -2-
Sab jeeta kiye mujhse
mein har dam hi haara
tum haarke dil apnaa 
meri jeet amar kardo


Listen Here

Happened to watch a program in memory of Jagjit Singh, one singer who has seen me through my blues and never fails to do so ever after he longer treads this earth... a lot of singers come together to give voice to his gazals... it was good reliving those moments and listening to those songs but only he and he has that heeling and soothing quality...

Miss you JS and thanks for everything..

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