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Apr 26, 2012

Lessons in Dhyaana

Dhyaanam ante manam prastutam unna sthithi ninchi unnata stithiki cherukovadam.

Ananthamaina viswa sakti ninchi manaki kaavalasinatuvanti praana saktini gather chesukovadam anedi routine activity of life, nidra pote saripotundi kaani telisi telisi manam konchem time spend chesi conscious mind toti silence invite cheste results will be excellent.

The Katte, Kotte, Tecche Logic
Katte - Sareeram ni, notini kattesukuni
Kotte - Alochanalani kottesi
Tecche - Gnaanam valle paripoorna aanandaanni tecchukovadam.

I am truly enjoying these sessions, I would be glad if I can make any one of you sit for a while, a few minutes and experience the magic.

The thing I like about this Swasa meeda dhyaasa is that we have questions, pose them to ourselves and get the answers from within... otherwise there are some masters who guide us, you get in touch with them in your society or they say that meditate and you will answers in that process. When you are meditating there is an aura of positivity around you and that there are 2 astral masters guiding you through that process, you cant see them but you can feel them. I did not get that feel maybe because when i am doing this I am doing it in a group and when I do it alone I am comfortable with the silence and not seeking any answers as of now... So, try being in silence... there is no mantra chanting, no guropadesa to be done.. it is just looking within, spending time within yourself, focusing on breathing and gradually even losing focus on that breathing and come to a zero state, gradually but certainly...

Deho Devaalayo Prokto Jeevo Devo Sanatana

Our body is a temple and the soul in it is the God... why ignore something that God has made for himself and run after something that is man made.. An idol in the temple is made by a man out of a stone, not every stone becomes an idol and not even after sculpting the idol does it become holy, it is a man/human who does "praana pratishta" to that idol.. true, the divine power does it through the man but even the supreme needs a human body to perform that, such is the power of our body and soul and thoughts that it creates a god and creates a universe.. why run after such idols when the true form is within us.. ... andariki sreehare antaraatmaa... antar aatma --- manalo unna aatma, aa aatme paramaatma... neelonu, naa lonu, srushtiloni prati manisholu undi ade antaraatma.. adi telusukune maargam dhyaanam... dhyaanamokkate...

Appo Deepo Bhava

Supposedly they last utterance of Buddha to his disciple Ananda when he was leaving his physical form... Be a light for yourself, nobody can do that for you!!! Find the happiness from within.

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