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Apr 5, 2012

Loads of life and a lots of nautanki.. that is me!!!

I do not read as much these days, looks like this extend break from work and freelancing is taking its toll on me and I do better and gather a lot more of actual life on the days I actually have more to do..!!

I was not in a mood to read a book but just wanted to get a break from the monotonous cooking and cleaning that I seem to be doing these days... YES.. i crib a lot  and that too with so much help and a cooperative kid, but kya kare being the Drama Queen I am the nautanki just does not stop.

So, what have I been doing all this while... nothing basically, cooking 3 meals seeing to it that the daughter gets wholesome nutrition in what little goes down her throat, shouting, screaming (both happy and angry), roaming, lazing.  Cooking is something I thought I would never get back to but mom not being around and the kid being a fussy eater.. err almost bordering non-eater category rather, I had to get back and come to think of it under normal setting I would really enjoy cooking and if it is the daughter helping me out with the chores I enjoy it all the more.

We have been visiting the birds in Kolleru bird sanctuary, a nice view with very less walking, pleasant and small place, kid having fun watching fish, birds, worms, boat and and just being happy... watching a few movies in between... gaining the stamina, basically moving towards a healthy lifestyle and not the sedentary one I kind of got used to.  The kid's needs are growing and she needs more attention which I am guilty of not giving but again I do not really want to get more attached to her and vice versa 'cos she needs to start the school this coming academic year.. am in two minds whether give her the best of "us time" in these last few carefree days or get her used to it with others right from now.. confused, a bundle of contradictory thoughts that I keep having all the time sigh..

Trying to be a vegetarian for some time now, Dhyana has been a welcome change in my life, a lot of positivity, good health and above all an answer to a million formed and unformed questions within me...

so many changes about to happen in the coming months, not really sure if i can continue staying in my security cocoon in this village keeping in view the growing social and education needs of the kid or take a little longer to get into the concrete jungle... so many decisions that need to be taken ASAP but that I would kind of not even want to think of, so need to shake myself off the slumber, clean up the rusted self and get back to normalcy.

Job front things are same, need to force myself still to get to work... extended break is kind of overdone...

so basically LAZY is what I have been in quite some time.. CRAZY i always am ;).

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