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Apr 5, 2012

The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton - Catherine Alliott

An easy breezy read which deals about the very delicate balance of life and emotions when a sudden secret unviels itself in a happily married life.. kind of stepmom story but here wife is totally unaware of the presence of another woman let alone her kid, how this secret uproots the foundation of a strong marriage, how they come to terms with it and get going with the life, the ups and downs in between.

What I really loved about this book is the sensible character establishment, working on deep emotions, fears insecurities giving words to the deepest sensitivities..

An accomplished academician with a teenage daughter who shares his interests in literature and a wife who is from a suburban farm background who thinks very low of herself and her strengths fighting her own demons of being misfit in that backdrop suddenly realizes that the husband had a one-night fling and now a teenager about 17, claiming to be his daughter wants to meet him.  Caught unaware the couple decides to take it head on and the friction, the pain, the decision to go meet them and an unexpected twist where the other woman actually is told that she has terminal cancer and that is the reason they come back to his life to give her daughter the support to move on after her.. deeply moving interwoven with a lot of other tales, dealt around relationships...

great read for me

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