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Apr 5, 2012

The Secrets She Keeps - Helen Cross

I was basically not in a mood or did not have enough time to enjoy reading but just went about reading because I wanted to... it is about the lonely life of a rich porn star who moves to a very remote shabby place in British suburbs with a newborn and a boy, a kid of her ex-boyfriend from a different woman, there comes a male nanny to care of them all with so many issues, so many secrets, so much going on which he does not understand.  It is about the dark lives of the celebrities, how much they need to give up to be what they are, the cost of being in the limelight, the whirlpool they get stuck in.. nothing left in life except money, money and more money.

a tale woven around the panic, paranoia, mania everything that is there in lives of celebrities and aspirants... kind of lets one ponder if it is worth it...

It would have been a great read to me had I been in a good read read mood..

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