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Apr 29, 2012

Sudden Downpour..

Today there was unexpected rain at our place, after quite some time.. my first feeling when I saw the first cloud... God...not again a few drops of rain and then the unbearable heat.. then a few drops and yeh dil maange more, want a full-fledged rain.. Rain it did and what a rain it was ... urumulu pidugulu merupulu... gandaragolam, beebatsam.

I was in a happy that the plants will get a much needed wash but at the same time worried about mango gardens.. well, that is how the nature works, unpredictably!

I have been a little worried about the dust on the leaves for lack of rain for a while around me... then I happened go to the town to see that I dont really see much trees and those I see I hardly recognize with all the soot that settled on them due to traffic...

and then I suddenly realize as the downpour continues and the trees start looking really fresh and green and lovely swaying happily.. HOW LUCKY I AM TO BE ABLE TO BE HERE in the formative years of the kid, away from dirt, soot, pollution in the middle of so much of greenery and lots and lots of time...

counting my blessings as I munch on some French Fries that I made for this weather..!

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