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Apr 26, 2012


there are a lot of things that determine the efficiency of your dhyaana or the quality of dhyaana...

The food you eat... easily digestable, less oil and unprocessed food tinna rojuna you will notice that you fare better..
The thoughts you have had throughout the day previously... like if you indulge in gossipping, some unpleasant conversations, saw/spoke/heard something unacceptable consciously/subconsciously
Your physical well being... 

Thoughts keep coming all the times but what happens eventually by practising dhyaana is that the bombardment gradually comes down... attaining thoughtless state is like nirvana but what happens when you try to cut down the racing thoughts is that you have a pattern established, things do not bother you as much, everything seems to be falling in place, you will realize your ability to reason good from bad, what to take to heart and what to leave.. when to take and when to leave...  the questions that we have been having since long kind of get answered from nowhere.. the energy that we otherwise used to put in thinking about EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT US.. gets channelized for ourselves and we get refreshed.

like everything else, it does not come easy.. 

We have to stop making excuses of lack of time... time does not wait for us we need to grab some of it before it is gone forever... it is like this.. we are alive because we are breathing, the moment it stops we are no longer the I, ME, MYSELF... that we are running after... 

Swaasa Unte Sivam adi leni naadu Savam.. alaanti swaasa meeda dhyaasa petti manaloki manam velli konchem sepu time spend cheyyalemaa...????

Please think it through friends... chaala mandiki deeni importance teliyaka cheyyatam ledu.. telisina manam edo kaaranaalu vetukutunnaam... evaro manani niladeeyadam kaadu manani manam niladeesukunna roju, mana swaasa meeda manam dhyaasa petti, mana manasu, sareeram manaki emi cheptundi ani vinna rojuna manaki kalige pleasure is uncomparable to anything else in the world...

Good luck... Please please please SPARE TIME FOR YOURSELF.

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Pranav Ainavolu said...

>> Swaasa Unte Sivam adi leni naadu Savam.. alaanti swaasa meeda dhyaasa petti manaloki manam velli konchem sepu time spend cheyyalemaa...????

Awesome thought! No words...

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