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May 31, 2012

A special review blog???

Some times, when I just browse through my blog looks more like a review one :), books, movies, songs.. idi adi ani ledu.. but mostly reviews, so these days I have consciously decided to post a line or two in a different post and kind of succeeded in doing so for a while and then back into the old groove... sigh.

Actually, I have this other blog Movies, Masti, Magic which I had back in US where I used to watch at least one movie or more even a day to kill time before job and friends happened... I almost never reviewed books.

There are many times I even thought of seeing if I can  move all my review posts there, maybe I would have done that too if I knew how to move just posts related to a particular label to another blog.

and then again I think, Sreeszone is exclusive my zone and as the name suggests it is Simply Sree and I get confused.. like if I am doing more of reading, there they come and more of listening or watching there they come and that is my life and how it comes.  Come to think of it, I do not overtly reveal the personal incidents in my life, it is just the feelings that I share, I do not really share anything about kid's routine stuff other than that letter thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai effect ;). but again this is something which gave me immense pleasure, writing to the kid, it is all about politics, issues and things that catch my attention, my blah blah blah.. and some more blah.blah.blah... so even thought it crossed many times that I should be using the Movies, Masti, Magic (which kind of says everything about my passion.. 'cos books and music come under masti and magic to me) but then let it be...

I already have 2 more active blogs one for pictures and other for kid care, which was my passion project when the kid was newborn, infant and a very tiny toddler.. gradually with the growing age and less of panic, I kind of started neglecting it and it is another issue altogether.. but that is one blog that has been really fulfilling.  I get really really heartfelt thanks notes and those who take pains not just to use info but let me know they did and a few do actually give in useful tips and do value addition, must say the most loved blog :).

As usual, koti kommucchukuni atu itu gantulesi malli paata matter deggara settle avvadam ante ide annamaata...
so, now the question is
*** Is there a need to have a separate review blog?
*** If I can move just specifics posts to another blog.. is there any such provision than that manual copy and paste?????

*** this means I am on yet another break from work and emi cheyyaalo teliyani paityam also... anyways, do let me know if there is a chance of moving, just in case...

thanks in advance.

Arikepudi (Koduri) Kowsalya Devi Kadhalu

A collection of 22 short stories, I think this is the first time I am reading this author, heard a lot about her though.  All the stories are simple, sounded like they were Krishna Dt. based :), could identify with what is being conveyed.  Easy flow, good reads.  Liked them, feel good ones, conservative, traditional, devotional and middle class family values.

Abhilasha - Yandamoori Veerendranath

I have seen this movie, Chiranjeevi and Radhika and remember the song Navvindi Malle Chandu and that laughter and Radhika in that song laughing like crazy and loved the mystery aspect of it when I watched it as a kid..

Read the book, knowing the story fully well, I could not put it down even for once, such is the gripping narrative.  Again, a very good analysis of human psyche along with some knowledge and referencing on the section 302, with respect to other countries which have totally done away with that and the need to abolish it from our constitution in order not to commit a grave error of killing an innocent person.  Weaving an interesting narrative around it, done wonderfully by YV.

And someone asks me who my favorite author is.... any doubts...?  Not just this book but all of them put together.

May 30, 2012

Vela Kaani Vela - Merlapaaka Murali

Bordering on cheap trash with descriptive narration at times, not my kind of a read... but I must say I was in a more tolerant mood to actually have the patience to finish it off.  Fiction revolving around a detached guy whose motto in life is never to have more than you need, who one last time before leaving India for good for a job in Malaysia, due to circumstances he gets in, decides to meet all the women who had an influence in his life in his younger years and give one of them the cash of 5 lakh rupees that he wins as part of some lucky dip and how he ends up ultimately taking care of one of them... different true aspects of life surface but narrative kind of put me off personally.

Dependence and help

How much can one stretch beyond limit to help another person... asalu evarikaina saayam cheste, konchem manchigaa maatlaadite daanni mana chetakaani tanam anukunenta enduku ayipoyindi samaajam.  I have people around who I can really do away with but just cannot because I hate saying that to them who come with hopes, but then I realize at times that they are playing my weaknesses.  Most of the times I go out of the way shielding them.  Once things get out of their hands, they run for my help while I would be totally unaware of what was happening in the first place.  I get irritated no end and to top all my personal issues, eella gola okati naa praanaaniki ani visugu vacchestundi.

I just need to put an end to it all!! which I will.

Asalu nenenduku household help lekundaa chesukogalanu ani dhairyamgaa undalekapotunnaanu.. okaraa iddaraa anta mandini elaa bharinchanu.. I mean, I have a lot of people helping around voluntarily though I pay them I very much appreciate them being around, just in case and of course, madeeya maataa Sri gaaru kooda anta parivaaram tappadu ani aagnalu vestoo untaaru.

Devudaa eevidatoti padanaa, vaalla toti padaanaa, asala andarinee vadilesi sanyaasam teesukona??????  Oorandariki adoka type problem aite naaku inko type.. kharmaraa babu.

Gopichand Rachana Saraswam - Kadhalu - 1

Asamardhuni Jeevitha Yatra maatram chadivaanu eeyana pustakam.. Gopichand sahityam ante baaga goppagaa antoo untaaru andulonu Gudivada deggara aayana puttinooru, so edaina pustaka sabhalu krishna zillalo jarigite TGC gurinchi taluchukokunda undaru..

alaa modalayina interest, even our library has complete collection of his Centenary Collection published books.  Since I prefer reading stories to novels, started it off with the short story collection of 52 stories.  Liked the initial write-up by Gopichand in his words.  In his stories, I have come across communist and socialist feelings, the practicality of implementing it in those days scenario.  Ironically, it holds good even to this date.

Some of them got me thinking and even made me want to work on it consciously.. some I do not totally agree like pativrata antarangikam which, I personally felt kind of generalizes things.. but by and large, should say nothing really changed in our society... seemingly progressive thought process anipistundi kaani inkaa we are holding on to same old capitalist views emo anipistundi.

May 27, 2012

Chiru meeda naa gola

I have read a book which I just reviewed Sikhara Darsanam, this book was written a while ago even before Charan was introduced into movies, where Chiru's political interests were clear as the author wished him all the success in politics...???? and I also happened to watch an interview of YV on ABN where he also mentioned the misunderstanding regarding political entry at the time of canning Mruga Raju around 10 to 15 yrs. ago.   Call it coincidence, I just read the book and watched the video back to back and more than anything what stuck me was as I always maintained Chiru's entry into politics was a deeply pre-meditated decision.

I was in US when the strong rumor emerged and vehemently denied.  I remember the mystery that Chiru kept until the very last moment of his entry into politics that fans wanted him to come but he was not actually wanting to come into it, no intentions whatsoever but I always argued that it is not a sudden one-day realization, chalo let us satisfy the fans and do something for the state in my own way.. it was a very very calculated move, the charities, the eye and blood bank, the movies with political, social consciousness backdrop, gradually.. everything with a clear motive of playing on the audience psyche.  Not that I find anything wrong in it but a little more honesty and openness I would have admired and supported to bring about the change.

Prabhanjanam srushtinchaali, charitra tiraga raayaali ani just oka community based feeling or open grudge on another communityni base chestoo politicslo paiki edagadam anedi jaragadu unless it is backed up with an intention to serve the fellow men through thick and stick and hold the ground no matter what!!!

I used to argue that Chiru would never sustain even after so much planning and an amateur I was, I  actually turned out to be right... all he could do was split votes, cheat his own trusted followers who really wanted to see a difference and join hands with opposition leaving the grass roots in confusion.. sonta gootiki cherina oka vargam ani oka paper caption raaste.. paiki cheppam anukuntoone enta cleargaa cheppestaam musugesi mana thoughtsni anipinchindi.  They re-joined where they initially came from!...

Yes, the ground reality no matter how much I say things have changed, society has moved in terms of social consciousness, we are still stuck in our caste, creed, religion barriers and no matter how sophisticated, open minded and practical we might seem to be we still play on other's weaknesses to get across our own selfish motives.. Power, position, fame whatever be it.  Phalaana manishiki seat icchaaru ante aa arealo aa person community base and population choodatam maanesina roju I would say yes, idi saamaajika nyaayam ani.

Call me biased, well I never deny that...!

Chiranjeevi - Sikhara Darsanam ~ Srikanth Kumar

Random pick from the local library once again.

Here, I did not get the actual point of the author in writing this book, had it been a personality development book, it would have been a good read.  Had it been an out and out Chiru life/career/personal story it would have been a really good read, considering he had no god father in movies, hailed from a very normal middle class family... but the concept of this the confused author confused me.. Bringing out the personality traits of winners and relating it to Chiranjeevi is what had been tried but in doing so, it sounded more like chiru fanatic doing it than the actual PD advocate doing it.

The book is divided into subsections with incidents the author relates as stepping stones of success or failures and common mentalities of great people and the final Anubandham consists of notes about Allu family and Chiru family, his rise and fall and the good points and supposedly inspiring points.  Inspiration should come automatically is what I personally feel, forced inspiration only gets a little too much to digest.

I did not get feel of reading a biography, a PD or self-help book.. a confused attempt!

Cine Panchatantram - Yerramsetti Sai

Based on some true incidents and general happenings in the film industry, this book is loosely based to be written along the lines of panchatra neethi kadhalu.  I could not really enjoy the book much because it lacked that easy flow and narrative style is something that I did not really enjoy...

vere moodlo chadivite maybe nacchedemo but ee endallo, tummutoo, daggutoo, jwaram vacchi.. enduko chadiveseyyaali ani chadivaanu tappite ishtapadi chadavalekapoyaanu.

May 23, 2012

Ads that dont leave me

annam tinetappudu TV choodakoodadu... idi andariki telisina fact... No TV while eating food, focus on food.. telisina vishyame but paatincham kadaa.. chinnappatininchi choostaa nenu edaina tindaam ani pettukuni TV pettagaane tokkalo Harpic ad okati modalavutundi... Madhavan, Abbas, ledante inko face edo commode/seat choopinchi maree saavagodataaru... poni Indian channelsaa ante nenu Atlantalo unnappudu kooda same story different brand...

cheee naa batuku anukuni channel maarustaanu tappite eppudu food teesukuni table deggariki maatram ellanu.  entalaaga tune aipoyindi ante nenu annam pettukogaane TV unnaa  lekapoyinaa aa ad gurtu raatam.... Sreya puttaaka I kind of banned TV for a couple of years, so aa trap ninchi bayata paddaa.. ee madhya malli Balika Badhu choostunnaa kada dinner time and adi... hatavidheee...!

Quirks andariki untay kaani naa laanti variety of quirks takkuvemo anipistadi gurtocchinappudu.

Kid's Tales

I do not really write much about the kid's day to day stuff in this blog and other than the occasional letter I write to her, which reminds me it has been quite some time I did that either...

I have realized that soaking it up in I forget to write it anywhere else too..

She is growing up too fast, a 3-year-old young lady if I can say that, little monster, crazy like me, lazy at times, super active most of the times, vasa pitta, nasa gaadu, totti fellow as I call her lovingly and literally... maybe I will try to document them here...

by the way, the latest most used name I call the kid with is "kunku" with love.. "kunkadu" when she has her no-eating tantrums...

Life moves on, leaving its footprints just in the mind.... sands of time, disappearing super fast...!

May 22, 2012

Maha Shwetha - Sudha Murthy

I got to read a translation by Alakananda publications of Jagadeeswari.

It is a wonderful read, the course of the story is good but the climax is the best of it all.

The best part about it, is the way the author unknowingly touching the life of a girl to be married and the contentment she has when she figures it out.

I love one thing that comes across in SM's writings, the simplicity of language, the honesty and the approach.

I would have loved to read it in her words in original but then I dont really understand kannada that much even though the script is similar to Telugu..

The struggle and the emerging survivor of an extremely beautiful girl, Anupama, whose life initially from rags to riches reminds one of cinderella story but all of a sudden, leukoderma, turns her world upside down.

Though she does not immediately take a grip on her life, how she gets back the reigns of her life forms an interesting and motivational read.

When questioned what saw you through this all by Dr. Satya.. I loved the answer of Anupama.. to find what it is read the book.. you will not regret reading it.

Agamya Gamyam - Chava Sivakoti

Not my type of read... edo teesaanu kaabatti chadavaali types..fiction based on liquor mafia, the business, the contracts, the politics, power, money, lust, love, life everything revolving around the liquor business... life and the business in equal measures...

Madhura Smrutulu - Malathi Chandur

A typical MC read, old world values.  A middle class medicine student falls in love with a handsome orthodox Brahmin boy who meets with an accident, gets married against his family's wishes.. circumstances send the timid guy into depression and one fine day he is found dead, not known whether it was an accident or a suicide.  The girl who also loses her father becomes an orphan and how she handles her life, dedicating herself to the patients, moving back to a rural area...

A bit too conservative to my liking... not about this age and times.!

May 13, 2012

Panduga epudante - Sirivennela

Finally found this song, I have been looking for since yesterday.. sigh inta pattudala vere vaatillo unte nenu baagu padi ponoo.

Check out between 03:50 to 6:15.. plain awesome!!!

Just fell in love with it the moment it came out of his mouth.. any wonder!!

Movie -????

Panduga epudatne phalaana rojante takkina rojulu anni baruvuga mostunnaamante
Bandhuvulevarante phalaana vaallante pakkana endaru unnaa vantari vaallam ainatte

panchaangam chebitegaani panduga raanandaa
manchi muhoortam kaadani gundela savvadi aagindaa


aakulu raale kommala kosam aamani vastundee
aasalu raalani manasunte prati rojoo alaantidi
pedavulapai navvulu poostey ade chaitramavutundee
madi mungita muggulu vese saanti pere sankranthi
pratyekamga bandhuvulocche rojokatundaala
chuttu indaru chuttalunte sandadigaa ledaa

okati rendantoo vidigaa lekkedite
tommidi gummam daatavu epudu ankelu ennante -2-

pakkana nilabedutoo.. kalupuku potunte
ankelakaina andavu mottam sankhyalu ennante

nuvvu nuvvugaa nenu nenugaa unnaamanukunte
kotla okatlai ontari tanaana padi untaamante
ninnu nannu kalipi manam ani anukunnaamante
prapamcha janaaba kalipi mottamu manishitanam okate


PS: Edited to add..

Kiran thank you so much.. I have had this cassette for a while but did not really focus on its lyrics, maybe the picturization, beats, took my focus way... when I listen to it the song is good :).  Jagamanta Kutumbam kind of stole its thunder.

For some reason I like listening to his writings in his voice in his patented style.. like
eppudu oppukovadduraa otami.. heard it my favorite Yesu Das' voice but still what haunts me is his voice.. similarly, even when I heard the song in the movie, it is his voice that rings in my mind..

Awesome lyrics once again... pandaga cheptoo anduloni visesham cheptoo adi mana roju vaari jeevitaaniki anvayistoo.. bhaavalani, aalochanalani inta chakkati paamarulaki kooda artham ayyelaaga guppedu padaalalo imidipoyelaaga cheyyagaladam... nijamgaa oka varam!!!!!

Check out complete lyrics from this wonderful site I found on browsing... HERE.

Movie:  Chakram

May 12, 2012

Help please

was watching Jeans, the king of game shows on ETV tonight between breaks... Sirivennela garu was playing it with his son, his wife and DIL were in the audience, loved the family on the whole and the way they played the game.. in fact am still watching it as I type it.. He just sang a song

pandaga epudante phalaana rojante jeevitamanta...

any clue as to which movie it is, just loved the way he sang it and his son was mouthing it next to him??

Loved it a lot... such a great man and such simplicity... SSSgaru.

May 10, 2012

Ado Tuttee

Unnadaantlo trupti padatam anedi naaku eppudu raademo...

endoste edavatam, vaanoste gentadam, ade vaana malli vaste.. abbo malleena anukodam, taravata vacche ubbaram endani titti poyyadam... eppudu edo oka daani meeda padipoyi evarino okarno, denno oka daanno anesukopote nenu batakaleno ento!

Ivvala malli koosini gudugulu (pidugulu), kaasini merupulu, boldanni kurumulu (urumulu) paddaayi madhyanam daaka malli moodintiki segalu pogalu modalu.. naa ayyo kuyyo modalu.

Maare Kaalamlo Maarani Viluvalu - C. Ananda Ramam

Yet another kid pick from the library.. the story line woven around the sensitive nature of women, one extremely possessive and another extremely careless about her life, has extreme feelings about love, life, sex and money in general, loses the person who loves her and then yearns for his acceptance.

The sadness behind the carelessness at the end... felt just like any other old telugu movie..

May 9, 2012

Anger misdirected

I see people misdirecting their anger on clueless targets and I had done that myself at times..

but is it right?  Just because one is frustrated with things in life, just because things are not going the way one wants them to be, is it fair that we blast out on people who are helpless and depend on us for their livelihood.

Who gives a right to a person to treat the other as a menial person... manaki ento konta undi, inkokariki pettagalige (adi kooda pani cheyinchukuni) pettagalige sthomata unnappudu, vaallani manam uddaristunnaam ani enduku anukovaali.. manaki veelaite maname aa pani chesukovacchu kadaa.. petti pettaanu ani tittadam enta varuku bhaavyam...

pani manishi ante vetti chaakirikena, taraalu maarina gunaalu maaravaa...tiragabaddaaru ante enduko anukodam, tinnadi aragaka ani tittukodam.. enta kaalam ee alochanalu.. ivi anni choostu emi cheyaleka gudlu telestoo, manasulo tittukuntoo naligipotoo... maarpu raavali ani korukuntoo... cheeeeeeee anipistundi naa meeda naake okkosaari.

Janaki Vimukti - Ranganayakamma

I have not read her writings as much as I did about her... recentgaa Navyalo Kallu Terichina Seeta chadivanu.  that book is supposed to be a true life incident where the author helped a married woman get back to India from US from the clutches of her husband.

That was a kind gesture on her part and all those who have been involved, I liked what she did but there was some overt criticism on things the author disapproved of and in a rather harsh tone to my liking.  She came across as a really strong critic of what she does not like, but then again it was one time read.

Janaki Vimukti, surprisingly, is a sober book tackling with the emotions/feeling/actions of a brother on how he reacts seeing his sister suffer in the hands of her husband for silly reasons.  His surprise at her not reciprocating to his feelings and leaving the husband and returning to her.

Oka stree pellayipoyi inko intloki vellinaaka, akkada sardukupovaali ane vaadana kondaridi aite, enduku sardukupovaali anedi kondari vaadana, katna kaanukalu, pettipotalu gurinchi deppi podavaalu, nacchani vaatini kunda baddalu kottinattu balamgaa cheppadamu.  Chelli kaapuramloni kashtaalu vini kadilipoyi anna tanani intiki tecchesi, tirigi chaduvu cheppinchadam modalu petti, bhavishyattulo udyogam antoo tana kaalla meeda nilabadaali anukuntaadu, konnaallaki bharta tirigi raavadam toti tanu oka maata maatladakundaa elaa vellipoyindi anedi kadhaa saaraamsam.

The best part about the book is the dialogue between the brother and his friend who makes him see the reason, analyzing and letting him know as to what actually went wrong here and what could have been done alternatively.. found it a good read... been there once, so could relate to what was being said.

Jaanaki Vimukti ante tanani vimukti cheyyadaaniki siddhapade vaallu unnaa tanu mukhyamgaa emi korukuntundi ane daani meeda antaa aadhara padi untundi.. manam daanini maarchalem, etu cheppaleka chacchipotunnaaru ani baadhapade kante, aa chacchipoye mundu naa kantoo okaru unnaaru ane dhairyam koodakattukune saktini pempondinchadam elaa anedi.. 

simple book not as rebellious as I thought it would be from the author.

May 8, 2012

Liking it

I love myself when I work and manage things well at home minus any tensions... in fact on the day I work I feel I have done everything perfectly and the day I just laze I laze the entire day... funny my reading takes a backseat when I am not working and when I work and actually am busy I make time for reading... no complaints there, loving doing both...

Madhya Taragati Manushulu

Well, I read books like crazy and another example for it is this :), the kid got me this book from the library, obviously she just picks at random the color of the binding that she likes or just the volume and like many other very very old books out there in the lot this one was without a cover and ending, so could not find the author..

I usually dont read books without an ending but then I am back to reading reading mode with a vengeance I guess, so I completed it and could not have missed much.

Reading the book, I picturized NTR, Savithri, Krishna Kumari, Jamuna, Harnath and all others in the character roles and kind of visually read it :), so it was easy to guess the end..

Verri veyyi talalu veyyadam ante ide ide ide.

May 7, 2012

Me and my curiosity

For some reason Balika Badhu, a serial that is aired on Colors at 8 p.m. is something I really love to watch.. for one, it does not have that usual saas-bahu-saajish khit-pit and it started when I was carrying the kid and I used to watch it without fail when in Mumbai..

In first year of life of kid, we never watched TV, she never even heard a TV, so there was no way I could see it but when I got back to watching TV,  I just could not resist taking a peek at it, by which time the serial had taken a generation plunge, the kids grew up, so many things changed, one thing that has not really changed is my love for it.

I am not really mad about it but I do watch it when I can... and these days I am worried as to how Anandi's life will take a turn and what that stupid Jagya will do.

I take pride in the fact that I am not really bothered about what happens in other people's lives when I am not asked but then when I see myself getting curious as to what is going to happen next, I just feel that aspect of mine is hidden under so many layers of masked personality...!

Hope this girl just does something really different.. what dont ask me.. but I have high expectations from her... :)))....

I know I am crazy, now you guys understand that too :).

A Superb Initiative - Way to Go Aamir!

A haunting song!

 View the complete episode here.

I have started my 1 SMS a day, the least contribution to the cause.. have you done it yet.  Also, leave your messages, suggestions etc. in the website specified.

We always complain there is nothing that is being done, when it is being done.. why not join our hands and see to it that it is a success.

Love you Amir for such a thoughtful and well-put show.. wish the cause all the good.. and sending you lot of good and hope for a brighter future for generation next.

Guddilo mella emaina undi ante India map antaa reddened areas for female feoticide unte andule enchakka tellagaa undi kevalam AP maatrame.. maa intikocchina lacchimdevi ani kallakaddukune vaallane choosaanu thankfully nenu ippati daaka.. moga bidda kaavaali anukuntaaru kaani aadabiddani champe anta kaatinyam naaku telisina evarilonu ledu.. thank God for small mercies.

May 6, 2012

Soonyam - A sincere effort

Watched this lovely short film which got me thinking..

collective loneliness, things and humans and a lot more things.. just touching in a subtle yet strong way..

Good job guys, waiting for more.

This guy has a different way of looking at things or let me say the way that he looks at things is what we almost do at one point or the other but brush it aside and keep going.. a sincere attempt, watched his other SFs to in Youtube, the journey of a rupee and the one on human relationships...

Wishing him good luck for future..!


Why do we humans complicate so many things.. small minds, big egos.. thoughtlessness, recklessness, care a damn attitude, not counting our blessings, picking at other's faults, seeing and saying high of ourselves.

How simple life would be minus all this I, me, myself associations to it.

Dhoni and Sholay

No, I am not talking about MSD.

Nope, both these movies have nothing in common.

Then why are they together in the title??

It is just that I happened to a glimpse of both the movies on TV today.

Sholay, I love the movie, a childhood memory, we had a tape recorder and a full movie with dialogues and songs of Sholay, so even to this day, I can kind of rattle out those dialogues even in sleep :).  Forgetting the history it made or whatever, it is a movie that is close to my heart.  I would any day love to watch it big screen just for the heck of it :).  I remember watching that movie in some theater in Secunderabad with my school teacher, so many memories.. could not watch it full just in bits and pieces.. loved it.

Dhoni, I wanted to watch this movie in theater when it released but it did not come to Gdv or our Poornima so could not, no idea about the DVD, so when it was aired on TV,  I just could not miss it.. though power cut made me miss the first half hour, the rest of it I loved.

We scream for good cinema, experimental cinema and when one does come once in a while, no appreciation.  I do not know what kind of a mother I am going to be with respect to the kid's studies.. 'cos I surprise myself each time I am with the kid but certainly not the one to force education down her system.. it is her wish!!!!

Had a good rested Sunday.. how was yours?

Agnipravesam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

The plot supposed to be picked from real life characters around him adding a twist of fiction and treating the characters the way he would like them to be in his world of words the author creates yet another fast read fiction.

It kind of defies the logic in astrology.. both girls born exactly at the same time, interchanged at birth by the movie-fanatic nurse just for the fun of it, how their lives evolve, how their paths cross eventually, under what circumstances.

How each of them tackles the situations life has put them into, both helpless and in hopeless situations... beautifully written at places, an enjoyable read for me.

The Pale Horse - Agatha Christie

Aside from Poirot series I have not really read or liked much of Agatha Christie...

I just would not voluntarily pick a AC book, but since I had one from the BL book list, had to actually force myself to read it.. Felt like back to text book days, like reading a non-detailed book just for the sake of getting marks or something like that :)...

It is an okay read... I guess I could not take to it that much because of the force factor than like factor.

May 5, 2012

Back to Work

It has been a month and 5 days since I last worked... not that I was counting days to get back to work.  Even today, there had been a SOS call so had to log in and work.

When I get to work, I am like this is what I can do everyday but still I crib about it.. there are millions out there who would just jump in with joy with what I have in terms of freelancing and freedom... and the prompt answer is.  It really does not stimulate me and am too lazy to start anything  afresh.

The laziness that comes with relaxation of a secure near-future is the worst demotivating factor to me... sigh.

May 4, 2012

... day events

just before the end ends and a new one begins..

today was really hectic with the kid having her first poola jada, a traditional jasmine decoration to her hair... she loved it, was really patient enough to sit for 2 hours and go through the motions of pics and all.. love you kid.

another sad and numbing news about a kid I love a lot... hope things fall into place and the tissue gets fixed... really sad to see kids suffer... A quick but strong prayer there.

and finally damn this new Blogger fixing or transition or whatever, I have a tough time translating or transliterating my telugu in this page for my picture blog... the old one was a lot better, this new one is kind of making me hate telugu typing..phew..

A very tiring day, dog tired but somehow I am just not able to sleep...sigh..!!!!!

Five more minutes for the day to end... bye bye world, catch you tomorrow.

Friends Book

I liked this movie.. a good attempt by RP Patnaik... the first half rocks, if it were to continue at the same pace the movie would have been a hit, touched a lot of people but the second half kind of took things down... The drama was a drag, the suspense part was not really a suspense,... Suresh essays his role with ease and so does Rao Ramesh but the surprise package were the 6 friends who did really naturally...

Who killed Surya.. turns to Who Killed Jessica... Some things are unbelievable, beyond logic.. like a dead person chatting on FB with his friends... minus logic.. good one time watch movie.. could most certainly have been better and more gripping.

May 3, 2012

Pudding Pudingi

.. heehaa.. idemi donga dongadi typelo title kaadu.. Pudding cheyyadaaniki bayaluderina pudingi, anagaa naa kaakigola annamaata..

TVlo choosi vantalu chesevaallani ekkirinchatam varake unte nenu nenendukavutaanu... edo TVlo Ruchika(naa Fav Chef on TV) cheppindi kadaa choostaaniki kooda okay, abbo yamaa easy ani cheyyadam modaletta..

naaku hand blender ledu whip the eggs with sugar ante, chetto enduku ani mixielo vesaa.. taravata custard adi add chesi milk aa whipped eggslo esi malli whip cheyyamannappudu vacchay tippalu... moota pettadam marchipoyi button press cheste.. illu, ollu antaa guddu sona kampu... yaackiee!!!  elagola adi tudichi chacchi chedi microwavelo pettaanu... edo gaggara gaggaragaa vacchindi, ruchi baagane undi kaani.. jeevitamlo malli daani moham choodanu.. Pudding ante padi oorlu daati paaripotaanu.

Egg-Custard Pudding... inataaniki enta baagundi.. tinataaniki kooda antey baagundemo nenu cheyyakundaa evaraina chesi pedite..

godalu kadigi, pakkane unna grinder, microwave, mixie, kitchen utensils, godalu anni kadigi tudichi.. aa kampu pogotte paatiki naaku dumpa tegindi..

May 2, 2012

Dreams and Sequels

... Do you guys ever dream and wake up for some reason and go back to sleep and want to dream about it all over and kind of continue dreaming as if in a sequel and continue in a half-sleep, half-awake and full dream state... well I do.. crazy.. !!!!!

Dabbu To the Power of Dabbu - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Yet another Yandamoori fiction..

It is about the ways to earn money within the confines of law, not really ethical but nothing criminal either.  Like every other read, I just finished it nonstop.  Good ideas about rising from ashes to riches and then back to ashes.. but what one gains through this is the confidence on oneself to bear anything and everything, to respect an individual and not value more than relations.

Good read...

Well, I am turning to a hardcore YV fan... :).

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