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May 31, 2012

Abhilasha - Yandamoori Veerendranath

I have seen this movie, Chiranjeevi and Radhika and remember the song Navvindi Malle Chandu and that laughter and Radhika in that song laughing like crazy and loved the mystery aspect of it when I watched it as a kid..

Read the book, knowing the story fully well, I could not put it down even for once, such is the gripping narrative.  Again, a very good analysis of human psyche along with some knowledge and referencing on the section 302, with respect to other countries which have totally done away with that and the need to abolish it from our constitution in order not to commit a grave error of killing an innocent person.  Weaving an interesting narrative around it, done wonderfully by YV.

And someone asks me who my favorite author is.... any doubts...?  Not just this book but all of them put together.

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