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May 10, 2012

Ado Tuttee

Unnadaantlo trupti padatam anedi naaku eppudu raademo...

endoste edavatam, vaanoste gentadam, ade vaana malli vaste.. abbo malleena anukodam, taravata vacche ubbaram endani titti poyyadam... eppudu edo oka daani meeda padipoyi evarino okarno, denno oka daanno anesukopote nenu batakaleno ento!

Ivvala malli koosini gudugulu (pidugulu), kaasini merupulu, boldanni kurumulu (urumulu) paddaayi madhyanam daaka malli moodintiki segalu pogalu modalu.. naa ayyo kuyyo modalu.

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