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May 23, 2012

Ads that dont leave me

annam tinetappudu TV choodakoodadu... idi andariki telisina fact... No TV while eating food, focus on food.. telisina vishyame but paatincham kadaa.. chinnappatininchi choostaa nenu edaina tindaam ani pettukuni TV pettagaane tokkalo Harpic ad okati modalavutundi... Madhavan, Abbas, ledante inko face edo commode/seat choopinchi maree saavagodataaru... poni Indian channelsaa ante nenu Atlantalo unnappudu kooda same story different brand...

cheee naa batuku anukuni channel maarustaanu tappite eppudu food teesukuni table deggariki maatram ellanu.  entalaaga tune aipoyindi ante nenu annam pettukogaane TV unnaa  lekapoyinaa aa ad gurtu raatam.... Sreya puttaaka I kind of banned TV for a couple of years, so aa trap ninchi bayata paddaa.. ee madhya malli Balika Badhu choostunnaa kada dinner time and adi... hatavidheee...!

Quirks andariki untay kaani naa laanti variety of quirks takkuvemo anipistadi gurtocchinappudu.

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