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May 9, 2012

Anger misdirected

I see people misdirecting their anger on clueless targets and I had done that myself at times..

but is it right?  Just because one is frustrated with things in life, just because things are not going the way one wants them to be, is it fair that we blast out on people who are helpless and depend on us for their livelihood.

Who gives a right to a person to treat the other as a menial person... manaki ento konta undi, inkokariki pettagalige (adi kooda pani cheyinchukuni) pettagalige sthomata unnappudu, vaallani manam uddaristunnaam ani enduku anukovaali.. manaki veelaite maname aa pani chesukovacchu kadaa.. petti pettaanu ani tittadam enta varuku bhaavyam...

pani manishi ante vetti chaakirikena, taraalu maarina gunaalu maaravaa...tiragabaddaaru ante enduko anukodam, tinnadi aragaka ani tittukodam.. enta kaalam ee alochanalu.. ivi anni choostu emi cheyaleka gudlu telestoo, manasulo tittukuntoo naligipotoo... maarpu raavali ani korukuntoo... cheeeeeeee anipistundi naa meeda naake okkosaari.

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