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May 27, 2012

Chiranjeevi - Sikhara Darsanam ~ Srikanth Kumar

Random pick from the local library once again.

Here, I did not get the actual point of the author in writing this book, had it been a personality development book, it would have been a good read.  Had it been an out and out Chiru life/career/personal story it would have been a really good read, considering he had no god father in movies, hailed from a very normal middle class family... but the concept of this the confused author confused me.. Bringing out the personality traits of winners and relating it to Chiranjeevi is what had been tried but in doing so, it sounded more like chiru fanatic doing it than the actual PD advocate doing it.

The book is divided into subsections with incidents the author relates as stepping stones of success or failures and common mentalities of great people and the final Anubandham consists of notes about Allu family and Chiru family, his rise and fall and the good points and supposedly inspiring points.  Inspiration should come automatically is what I personally feel, forced inspiration only gets a little too much to digest.

I did not get feel of reading a biography, a PD or self-help book.. a confused attempt!

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