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May 27, 2012

Chiru meeda naa gola

I have read a book which I just reviewed Sikhara Darsanam, this book was written a while ago even before Charan was introduced into movies, where Chiru's political interests were clear as the author wished him all the success in politics...???? and I also happened to watch an interview of YV on ABN where he also mentioned the misunderstanding regarding political entry at the time of canning Mruga Raju around 10 to 15 yrs. ago.   Call it coincidence, I just read the book and watched the video back to back and more than anything what stuck me was as I always maintained Chiru's entry into politics was a deeply pre-meditated decision.

I was in US when the strong rumor emerged and vehemently denied.  I remember the mystery that Chiru kept until the very last moment of his entry into politics that fans wanted him to come but he was not actually wanting to come into it, no intentions whatsoever but I always argued that it is not a sudden one-day realization, chalo let us satisfy the fans and do something for the state in my own way.. it was a very very calculated move, the charities, the eye and blood bank, the movies with political, social consciousness backdrop, gradually.. everything with a clear motive of playing on the audience psyche.  Not that I find anything wrong in it but a little more honesty and openness I would have admired and supported to bring about the change.

Prabhanjanam srushtinchaali, charitra tiraga raayaali ani just oka community based feeling or open grudge on another communityni base chestoo politicslo paiki edagadam anedi jaragadu unless it is backed up with an intention to serve the fellow men through thick and stick and hold the ground no matter what!!!

I used to argue that Chiru would never sustain even after so much planning and an amateur I was, I  actually turned out to be right... all he could do was split votes, cheat his own trusted followers who really wanted to see a difference and join hands with opposition leaving the grass roots in confusion.. sonta gootiki cherina oka vargam ani oka paper caption raaste.. paiki cheppam anukuntoone enta cleargaa cheppestaam musugesi mana thoughtsni anipinchindi.  They re-joined where they initially came from!...

Yes, the ground reality no matter how much I say things have changed, society has moved in terms of social consciousness, we are still stuck in our caste, creed, religion barriers and no matter how sophisticated, open minded and practical we might seem to be we still play on other's weaknesses to get across our own selfish motives.. Power, position, fame whatever be it.  Phalaana manishiki seat icchaaru ante aa arealo aa person community base and population choodatam maanesina roju I would say yes, idi saamaajika nyaayam ani.

Call me biased, well I never deny that...!


Tejaswi said...

your's take on Chiru is not an objective one. Yes, it is very much biased.Of course, you yourself told earlier that you were a fan of Babu. But, is it mandatory that a fan of Babu should spit venom on Chiru like this?

Sree said...


I am getting to become a fan of babu after seeing a lot of politicians, it is like we have a general opinion based on what others say at some point which gradually through experience leads to one drawing his/her own conclusions and get on..

Idi ani idamiddamgaa cheppalenu kaani, I should confess now that I like babu better than even JP. I dont say he is all fair, good, great, god, the only alternative for AP and all that personally I am beginning to like him and getting understand what brought his downfall.

Chiru meeda venom ante, the way he cheated his hardcore fans who had faith in him and his ability by joining hands with congress.. after all that high drama of am i or am i not getting into politics and all that.. saamajika nayayam viluvalu meeda venom annamaata!

Sree said...

.. and also nenu babu kooda biased kaadu, active politics gurinchi nenu raase timeki atanu passive modelo undadam oka reason avocchu for not spitting venom on him :)..

kiran said...

Sree ,

I totally agree with ur below comment "Idi ani idamiddamgaa cheppalenu kaani, I should confess now that I like babu better than even JP. I dont say he is all fair, good, great, god, the only alternative for AP and all that personally I am beginning to like him and getting understand what brought his downfall" ...

babu ki kanisam oka vision antu vundi .. emaina cheyyali ani ... ippati migata congress politicians kante chala better ...

andaru politicians ni chusaka.. edo sametha cheppinattu ("ganjayi vanam lo tulasi(babu-kalupu) mokka better")

kiran said...


I totally agree with ur below comment.

"babu better than even JP"

ippati chala mandi politicians kante babu chala better ... kanisam oka vision vundi ... edo okati cheyyali ani ...

"ganjayi vanam lo kaasta manchi mokka :-) "

Sree said...

Exactly... vision undi daaniki practical solutions kooda unnayi atani deggara Kiran implementationlo practical problems enti anedi nenu choostunnanu grass roots levello.. tana paridhi telusukuni targets pettukuni reach cheyyadaaniki aim chestaadu CBN, that is the reason I like him.

JP meeda chaala hopes undi, emi cheyyatledu ani kopam perukupotundi.. when we look up to him, he is not keeping it up. Nenu USlo unnappudu notice chesindi they were behind funding from NRIs, of course we get reciepts for every single thing but other than that.. pedda scope ivvaru active participationki...

kiran said...

JP ideologies anni theoretical ga baguntayi ... practical ga ayana chestunnadi emi ledu ... active politics lo JP kashtam andi ...

kukatpally ni model constituency kinda emaina chestaru ani JP nunchi chala expect chesaru ... but nothing happened ... kanisam minimum needs kuda ayana chesindi ledu ... next time ayana win ayye chances kuda chala takkuva ... trust chala taggipoyindi ayana meeda..

ramesh said...

I have been reading this blog for a very long time. I may have left a comment once - but, do not remember it, for sure.

The comments here are forcing me to comment today. But, before that, my apologies for reading this blog for so long and not acknowledging it by leaving a comment. I like the "it is my blog, I write the way I like it", and the randomness of this blog, and also the pictures blog. Lurking is not my intention.

Coming back to my reservations (rather, where I have a difference of opinion) on the comments:
JP, and his team in Kukatpally have done a LOT. Here is a link if you can spare some time. Did not want to take this space up, more than that I am already taking up by quoting some of the stories here :)

@Scope for Participation for NRIs - While I was in the USA, I did contribute, although only a little bit to PFL (People For Lok Satta) there. They do provide opportunities, and have avenues for people to contribute, not just in the form of money. I think PFL was a little less active for a while during 2008-09, but it has very passionate people now, and are doing everything they could - almost working two jobs (only one is the bread winner, obviously).
Here is a site for more information on that.

There are many ways in which they are trying their best, but it is simply not enough, in terms of reaching a significant mass of people, with very little support from main stream media.

@Babu better than JP - Sorry, I cannot accept. I am sure we will be on the same page with respect to integrity. So, let me talk about vision as you said - Babu may have a vision, which for all you know could take any shape and form by his power-mongering political motives, and his "anything goes, to get to power" attitude. Also, the devil is in the details. JP has a vision, and the details worked out to a large extent. You will only see it in action in full when LSP (Lok Satta Party) is put into power or even if they get a 50+ seats in AP, which of course may take any number of years (may be a decade) to happen.

Kukatpally is definitely a model constituency in the state.

But, I would still prefer Babu to Congress leadership.

Sorry for long comment.

The above views are purely mine. No, I'm not a fanatic of LSP. Just making an effort to take the side that I believe is right. :)

- Ramesh

Sree said...

Well, what an entry :) kidding.. thanks for delurking and such an enlightening comment. I understand there has been some groundwork going on but how many of the residents themselves are aware and willing to revote..

I say Babu better than JP because, NOW, I totally understand the value of being in power to get anything done, its implications, complications (purely practical point of view), morally or ethically I dont really have anything to speak about JP in person. I understand there is no media coverage or proper media coverage.. but one also needs to understand that for a lone warrior he gets more coverage than any other independent or party person and the respect he commands in youth is tremendous.

My only grouse and grudge is he is not tapping the true potential!

Politics, power and money play you get to see them in true sense in villages and rural areas in a larger and much better scale because here I see people who still take pains to vote, who bother to take voter card to vote and not just for the sake of identity! and unfortunately it is also here the people get influenced with money, mandu, and kula picchi, loyalty or just plain power whatever reasons but one of these!

Yes, it might take a larger majority to get a say in turning the political arena but in the current state, I would doubt if LSP can retain even that single seat...!

It is easy to say, people are crazy but we are not getting their pulse is what i feel.. what happened to those Loksatta videos which inspired many like me, where are those public interest campaigns on TV...

i guess i have become more cynical and critical seeing the actual face of politics from a closer level.

Sree said...

What you said is true, people for loksatta and the overseas wing is much more active these days as I see in the chain mails that I still happen to get from the Atlanta charter, trying to help out the places they belong to and was dormant when I took an active interest there...

too much of expectations, cinemalu ekkuva choostaanu kadaa aa effect anukuntaa... evaro okaru song backdroplo oohinchesukuni common man laaga bayaluderina JP oka Leaderlo Rana laagaano, Alluri Seetarama raju typelono prabhanjanam srushtincheyyaali anukuntoo... edo aayana inka manchitanam migili unna Gollapudi MarutiRao in Leader typelo kanipinchi okkosaari kassu bussu laadutoo untaanu :)..

ramesh said...

Thank you for publishing the comment and replying too :)

As you said, the majority of people in the villages (I hail from a village, though outside of it for work, now) are influenced by peanuts that Lok Satta cannot give. In one of the constituencies, a LSP candidate told JP, it seems (I heard him say on some public forum), that if we could give half of what other party candidates were giving, people were willing to vote (a group of people actually said that to the candidate). But, LSP did not do that.

A minority of people (still, a big number) do not vote of LSP because they simply do not believe that their votes would take LSP across the finish line. But, these will vote for the party they like (LSP), if the winner is not decided by "first past the post" system. That is what JP says - "damasha paddati" is needed, one vote more or less should not decide the winner. This gives new entrants a chance, and people to choose what they like the best; not the second best that might win, if they vote for it.

Sorry, I am making this long conversation here in comments.

Some people generalize, make sweeping statements; some people make comments based on this hearsay - that is just how they are wired, can't blame/help much. But, after a while, this becomes fact (not, still, truth, though). Objective comments based on data are usually long, verbose, like my comments. People just don't have time. I guess, innovation is needed - Good (I mean, balanced, here) people need to be more innovative to get the point across :).

I think, the formal nature of my comment(s) is not gelling well with the texture (I know you say, no texture, but, that (no-texture) is the texture of this blog) of this blog :). But, my stay in US for few years changed me that way :)

Since, I started commenting here, let me also wish for you and your kid, which I should have done multiple times (did not know how to appropriately wish someone I know only through blog posts, especially, when I'm not known any way, neither by comments nor by blog posts).

Wish you both health, and happiness. One more for the kid - wish her great education/play.

I do not get offended if you do not publish this comment. Take your call, like you always can/will :)

Sree said...

Agree and again you have the point in your post it self :).. that long and verbose thing does not get into people easily. Balanced and innovative stuff is needed, chaala time and patience undaali evaraina munduku raataaniki... nenu try chestaanu chaala saarlu but then I give up :).

Being in US has not really changed my perception about anything in India but I understand how it could be with better administration, but again I was there under different circumstances altogether.

And it is absolutely fine commenting and wishing buddies even if they are virtual, if you consider them so. I have made quite a few friends that way which I thought was never possible before. I mean trusting people who we meet online.. The famous "mama said not to talk to strangers" mindset maybe..

True, texture-lessness applies to comments as well as part of the blog..

I dont usually avoid posting any comments unless they are very personal containing mail ids or abusive.. the former I have plenty but the later thankfully nothing so far...!

Thank you again for your wishes... glad to meet you Ramesh garu :).

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