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Ref: Chichkoo is what I lovingly call my daughter, kiddo my brother, amma and taatee my late maternal grandparents, and OA is the other adult in the family.

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May 4, 2012

... day events

just before the end ends and a new one begins..

today was really hectic with the kid having her first poola jada, a traditional jasmine decoration to her hair... she loved it, was really patient enough to sit for 2 hours and go through the motions of pics and all.. love you kid.

another sad and numbing news about a kid I love a lot... hope things fall into place and the tissue gets fixed... really sad to see kids suffer... A quick but strong prayer there.

and finally damn this new Blogger fixing or transition or whatever, I have a tough time translating or transliterating my telugu in this page for my picture blog... the old one was a lot better, this new one is kind of making me hate telugu typing..phew..

A very tiring day, dog tired but somehow I am just not able to sleep...sigh..!!!!!

Five more minutes for the day to end... bye bye world, catch you tomorrow.

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