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May 30, 2012

Dependence and help

How much can one stretch beyond limit to help another person... asalu evarikaina saayam cheste, konchem manchigaa maatlaadite daanni mana chetakaani tanam anukunenta enduku ayipoyindi samaajam.  I have people around who I can really do away with but just cannot because I hate saying that to them who come with hopes, but then I realize at times that they are playing my weaknesses.  Most of the times I go out of the way shielding them.  Once things get out of their hands, they run for my help while I would be totally unaware of what was happening in the first place.  I get irritated no end and to top all my personal issues, eella gola okati naa praanaaniki ani visugu vacchestundi.

I just need to put an end to it all!! which I will.

Asalu nenenduku household help lekundaa chesukogalanu ani dhairyamgaa undalekapotunnaanu.. okaraa iddaraa anta mandini elaa bharinchanu.. I mean, I have a lot of people helping around voluntarily though I pay them I very much appreciate them being around, just in case and of course, madeeya maataa Sri gaaru kooda anta parivaaram tappadu ani aagnalu vestoo untaaru.

Devudaa eevidatoti padanaa, vaalla toti padaanaa, asala andarinee vadilesi sanyaasam teesukona??????  Oorandariki adoka type problem aite naaku inko type.. kharmaraa babu.

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