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May 6, 2012

Dhoni and Sholay

No, I am not talking about MSD.

Nope, both these movies have nothing in common.

Then why are they together in the title??

It is just that I happened to a glimpse of both the movies on TV today.

Sholay, I love the movie, a childhood memory, we had a tape recorder and a full movie with dialogues and songs of Sholay, so even to this day, I can kind of rattle out those dialogues even in sleep :).  Forgetting the history it made or whatever, it is a movie that is close to my heart.  I would any day love to watch it big screen just for the heck of it :).  I remember watching that movie in some theater in Secunderabad with my school teacher, so many memories.. could not watch it full just in bits and pieces.. loved it.

Dhoni, I wanted to watch this movie in theater when it released but it did not come to Gdv or our Poornima so could not, no idea about the DVD, so when it was aired on TV,  I just could not miss it.. though power cut made me miss the first half hour, the rest of it I loved.

We scream for good cinema, experimental cinema and when one does come once in a while, no appreciation.  I do not know what kind of a mother I am going to be with respect to the kid's studies.. 'cos I surprise myself each time I am with the kid but certainly not the one to force education down her system.. it is her wish!!!!

Had a good rested Sunday.. how was yours?

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