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May 30, 2012

Gopichand Rachana Saraswam - Kadhalu - 1

Asamardhuni Jeevitha Yatra maatram chadivaanu eeyana pustakam.. Gopichand sahityam ante baaga goppagaa antoo untaaru andulonu Gudivada deggara aayana puttinooru, so edaina pustaka sabhalu krishna zillalo jarigite TGC gurinchi taluchukokunda undaru..

alaa modalayina interest, even our library has complete collection of his Centenary Collection published books.  Since I prefer reading stories to novels, started it off with the short story collection of 52 stories.  Liked the initial write-up by Gopichand in his words.  In his stories, I have come across communist and socialist feelings, the practicality of implementing it in those days scenario.  Ironically, it holds good even to this date.

Some of them got me thinking and even made me want to work on it consciously.. some I do not totally agree like pativrata antarangikam which, I personally felt kind of generalizes things.. but by and large, should say nothing really changed in our society... seemingly progressive thought process anipistundi kaani inkaa we are holding on to same old capitalist views emo anipistundi.

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