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May 9, 2012

Janaki Vimukti - Ranganayakamma

I have not read her writings as much as I did about her... recentgaa Navyalo Kallu Terichina Seeta chadivanu.  that book is supposed to be a true life incident where the author helped a married woman get back to India from US from the clutches of her husband.

That was a kind gesture on her part and all those who have been involved, I liked what she did but there was some overt criticism on things the author disapproved of and in a rather harsh tone to my liking.  She came across as a really strong critic of what she does not like, but then again it was one time read.

Janaki Vimukti, surprisingly, is a sober book tackling with the emotions/feeling/actions of a brother on how he reacts seeing his sister suffer in the hands of her husband for silly reasons.  His surprise at her not reciprocating to his feelings and leaving the husband and returning to her.

Oka stree pellayipoyi inko intloki vellinaaka, akkada sardukupovaali ane vaadana kondaridi aite, enduku sardukupovaali anedi kondari vaadana, katna kaanukalu, pettipotalu gurinchi deppi podavaalu, nacchani vaatini kunda baddalu kottinattu balamgaa cheppadamu.  Chelli kaapuramloni kashtaalu vini kadilipoyi anna tanani intiki tecchesi, tirigi chaduvu cheppinchadam modalu petti, bhavishyattulo udyogam antoo tana kaalla meeda nilabadaali anukuntaadu, konnaallaki bharta tirigi raavadam toti tanu oka maata maatladakundaa elaa vellipoyindi anedi kadhaa saaraamsam.

The best part about the book is the dialogue between the brother and his friend who makes him see the reason, analyzing and letting him know as to what actually went wrong here and what could have been done alternatively.. found it a good read... been there once, so could relate to what was being said.

Jaanaki Vimukti ante tanani vimukti cheyyadaaniki siddhapade vaallu unnaa tanu mukhyamgaa emi korukuntundi ane daani meeda antaa aadhara padi untundi.. manam daanini maarchalem, etu cheppaleka chacchipotunnaaru ani baadhapade kante, aa chacchipoye mundu naa kantoo okaru unnaaru ane dhairyam koodakattukune saktini pempondinchadam elaa anedi.. 

simple book not as rebellious as I thought it would be from the author.

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