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May 23, 2012

Kid's Tales

I do not really write much about the kid's day to day stuff in this blog and other than the occasional letter I write to her, which reminds me it has been quite some time I did that either...

I have realized that soaking it up in I forget to write it anywhere else too..

She is growing up too fast, a 3-year-old young lady if I can say that, little monster, crazy like me, lazy at times, super active most of the times, vasa pitta, nasa gaadu, totti fellow as I call her lovingly and literally... maybe I will try to document them here...

by the way, the latest most used name I call the kid with is "kunku" with love.. "kunkadu" when she has her no-eating tantrums...

Life moves on, leaving its footprints just in the mind.... sands of time, disappearing super fast...!


Apple said...

Hehehe..nenu koodaa 'Kunka' ni modify chesi kunkeswar, kunkaloo, kunkamma ani evevo pilusthuntaa..naaku aa 'kunka' ane thittante entha istamo..chinnappudu maa amma nannu kunka ane thittedi..ippatiki koodaa le

Sree said...

hehe :).. I remember! Sreyani girl reference takkuva, we call her pandu gaadu, vaadu, veedu even she refers herself as vaadu.. nenu chinnappudu chese vaadini, tine vaadini ani :).. kunka is girl tittu ani naa feeling so I call her kunkadu annamaata :)... kunku, i like the sound of it :).

mana perlu vintoo pakkintollaki picchekkipotundemo one fine day.. maa vaallaki alavaataipoyindi even Sreya kooda elaanti vinta sabdam naa notlonchi vacchinaa entamaa ani parigettukostundi antalaa tune aipoyindi paapam :).

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