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May 8, 2012

Madhya Taragati Manushulu

Well, I read books like crazy and another example for it is this :), the kid got me this book from the library, obviously she just picks at random the color of the binding that she likes or just the volume and like many other very very old books out there in the lot this one was without a cover and ending, so could not find the author..

I usually dont read books without an ending but then I am back to reading reading mode with a vengeance I guess, so I completed it and could not have missed much.

Reading the book, I picturized NTR, Savithri, Krishna Kumari, Jamuna, Harnath and all others in the character roles and kind of visually read it :), so it was easy to guess the end..

Verri veyyi talalu veyyadam ante ide ide ide.

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