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May 22, 2012

Maha Shwetha - Sudha Murthy

I got to read a translation by Alakananda publications of Jagadeeswari.

It is a wonderful read, the course of the story is good but the climax is the best of it all.

The best part about it, is the way the author unknowingly touching the life of a girl to be married and the contentment she has when she figures it out.

I love one thing that comes across in SM's writings, the simplicity of language, the honesty and the approach.

I would have loved to read it in her words in original but then I dont really understand kannada that much even though the script is similar to Telugu..

The struggle and the emerging survivor of an extremely beautiful girl, Anupama, whose life initially from rags to riches reminds one of cinderella story but all of a sudden, leukoderma, turns her world upside down.

Though she does not immediately take a grip on her life, how she gets back the reigns of her life forms an interesting and motivational read.

When questioned what saw you through this all by Dr. Satya.. I loved the answer of Anupama.. to find what it is read the book.. you will not regret reading it.

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