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Ref: Chichkoo is what I lovingly call my daughter, kiddo my brother, amma and taatee my late maternal grandparents, and OA is the other adult in the family.

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May 7, 2012

Me and my curiosity

For some reason Balika Badhu, a serial that is aired on Colors at 8 p.m. is something I really love to watch.. for one, it does not have that usual saas-bahu-saajish khit-pit and it started when I was carrying the kid and I used to watch it without fail when in Mumbai..

In first year of life of kid, we never watched TV, she never even heard a TV, so there was no way I could see it but when I got back to watching TV,  I just could not resist taking a peek at it, by which time the serial had taken a generation plunge, the kids grew up, so many things changed, one thing that has not really changed is my love for it.

I am not really mad about it but I do watch it when I can... and these days I am worried as to how Anandi's life will take a turn and what that stupid Jagya will do.

I take pride in the fact that I am not really bothered about what happens in other people's lives when I am not asked but then when I see myself getting curious as to what is going to happen next, I just feel that aspect of mine is hidden under so many layers of masked personality...!

Hope this girl just does something really different.. what dont ask me.. but I have high expectations from her... :)))....

I know I am crazy, now you guys understand that too :).

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