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May 31, 2012

A special review blog???

Some times, when I just browse through my blog looks more like a review one :), books, movies, songs.. idi adi ani ledu.. but mostly reviews, so these days I have consciously decided to post a line or two in a different post and kind of succeeded in doing so for a while and then back into the old groove... sigh.

Actually, I have this other blog Movies, Masti, Magic which I had back in US where I used to watch at least one movie or more even a day to kill time before job and friends happened... I almost never reviewed books.

There are many times I even thought of seeing if I can  move all my review posts there, maybe I would have done that too if I knew how to move just posts related to a particular label to another blog.

and then again I think, Sreeszone is exclusive my zone and as the name suggests it is Simply Sree and I get confused.. like if I am doing more of reading, there they come and more of listening or watching there they come and that is my life and how it comes.  Come to think of it, I do not overtly reveal the personal incidents in my life, it is just the feelings that I share, I do not really share anything about kid's routine stuff other than that letter thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai effect ;). but again this is something which gave me immense pleasure, writing to the kid, it is all about politics, issues and things that catch my attention, my blah blah blah.. and some more blah.blah.blah... so even thought it crossed many times that I should be using the Movies, Masti, Magic (which kind of says everything about my passion.. 'cos books and music come under masti and magic to me) but then let it be...

I already have 2 more active blogs one for pictures and other for kid care, which was my passion project when the kid was newborn, infant and a very tiny toddler.. gradually with the growing age and less of panic, I kind of started neglecting it and it is another issue altogether.. but that is one blog that has been really fulfilling.  I get really really heartfelt thanks notes and those who take pains not just to use info but let me know they did and a few do actually give in useful tips and do value addition, must say the most loved blog :).

As usual, koti kommucchukuni atu itu gantulesi malli paata matter deggara settle avvadam ante ide annamaata...
so, now the question is
*** Is there a need to have a separate review blog?
*** If I can move just specifics posts to another blog.. is there any such provision than that manual copy and paste?????

*** this means I am on yet another break from work and emi cheyyaalo teliyani paityam also... anyways, do let me know if there is a chance of moving, just in case...

thanks in advance.

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