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May 7, 2012

A Superb Initiative - Way to Go Aamir!

A haunting song!

 View the complete episode here.

I have started my 1 SMS a day, the least contribution to the cause.. have you done it yet.  Also, leave your messages, suggestions etc. in the website specified.

We always complain there is nothing that is being done, when it is being done.. why not join our hands and see to it that it is a success.

Love you Amir for such a thoughtful and well-put show.. wish the cause all the good.. and sending you lot of good and hope for a brighter future for generation next.

Guddilo mella emaina undi ante India map antaa reddened areas for female feoticide unte andule enchakka tellagaa undi kevalam AP maatrame.. maa intikocchina lacchimdevi ani kallakaddukune vaallane choosaanu thankfully nenu ippati daaka.. moga bidda kaavaali anukuntaaru kaani aadabiddani champe anta kaatinyam naaku telisina evarilonu ledu.. thank God for small mercies.

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