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Jun 25, 2012

Naanaaniki Rendo Vaipu - Kandukuri Venkata Maha Lakshmi

A collection of 27 short stories on day to day events... okay read!.. known stories in a simple write up style.

Soundaryam - Kommuri Ravi Kiran

Coincidentally back to back father, son books...

Liked the book Soundaryam, more like a personality development book with a good story woven around good virtues in a person.  The story of an ideal person in every which way, how he transforms people he comes across, a feel good story.

It would be great if everyone were to change just like that but a good thought for fiction, positive book.

Jun 19, 2012

Pasupu Kumkuma - Kommuri Venu Gopala Rao

Fiction woven around lives of 2 women who are friends, who meet my chance at work place, who have radically different opinions on life and relationships.  Both of them are orphaned due to various reasons.   One gets married after love and takes it with ease when he leaves and marries yet again, idealistic, materialistic, and pragmatic.. gets rejected one more time, does not regret and gets back to work at orphanage, the place that tendered her and another marries her boss, how things unfold due to his ill health and his bad company and the way she copes up with it, yielding in time and again is unthinkable to me... yet a contrast the author brings out makes it an okay read.

Jun 16, 2012


When attending ISP session, I had come across this wonderful, simple yet clear definition of spirituality, so wanted to share it with you guys...

Ritualistic is performing rituals, praying to idols, chanting mantras, listening to discourses.
Materialistic is being happy for a reason when the cause is taken away or the taste fades away, it kinds of goes down or vanishes (happiness)
Spiritualistic is about being happy for no reason.

So, a block kind of fits in the missing puzzle solving about what I am actually looking for, the questions and answers that I keep asking myself and getting in my deep meditation phases, which have dwindled by the way. :( but then I have just myself to blame and nothing else.

ISP - 9-Week Online Parenting Course by Raviji

Extremely sorry for the late heads up guys,

Sri RaviJi, one from the first couple practicing SSY, Raviji and Gayathri Ma, has enabled us an online session featuring ISP for 9 weeks between 7 and 9 p.m. IST on Saturdays.

Dear wonderful parents of beautiful children!
We just started the new batch of ISP online classes on Saturday, i.e. 9th June 2012. We sent invitations to you from I am not sure if you have noticed it!
Take this opportunity to give the best to your child!
Your child is growing faster than we imagine! What you cannot give now, cannot be given later easily!
With concern for your child, we remind you the last chance to join the present batch of ISP online course.
Be positive and offer your greatest gift to yourself and the child - ISP- Art of Joyful parenting!

M: 07569261234
M: 09392444251
Magicjack: 321-420-9091

The session had actually started on 9th June but for the sake of new entrants, we had a repeat introductory Session yesterday too 16, June 2012.

So, there is still chance for you to get into the program rather than wait up for the next chance.

HURRY NOW.. I have got some wonderful reviews and notes for the ISP posts done by Rekha here, so the parents really interested in one on one interaction and the course by the Guru himself, it is a golden chance, considering he is coming to her homes through WizIQ learning/web sessions.

The payment amount varies between India and US.. for parents in India it is 6,600 rs/-, the ISP course material would be sent home and due to shipping variance, the price for overseas is a bit more which needs to be confirmed over the phone.  Payment mode is money transfer through ICICI bank details that will be provided over the phone or Paypal which again can be gotten over the phone with the Guruji himself.

My experience with online class
Since I live in a remote area in AP, I have no option of attending any such courses or sessions but this one has been God sent and ever since Rekha suggested me this one and also my friends Bindu and Suraj practised it on their kid, I was like I must do this!!! I want my kid to have that kind of a parenting too, let me better myself as a person and a parent and experience that ecstatic feeling firsthand and enjoy my kid thoroughly!!!

The introduction to the thought of having a child, the way we want her/him to be as an adult or grow up, the reason we need to let them be, the priorities of what is what?  Why and When should we do What and Why and what we should not.  Yes, we know the best, but a little guidance wont really hurt.

IT was my first session with Wiziq, the master was in a panel through his webcam on the screen with an interactive window open below for us to type in our comments.  We can hear him and see him but unless we are given mike rights we wont be able to speak to him but interaction is through chat window which he responds to immediately... like there are questions posed to us by him and we type in there, we have queries, we put them forward and he replies.

There was a bit of lag maybe due to my connectivity but it was just right, no reason to complain.

The home plays (things to be practiced during this week at home) are
Vision - Writing down our vision for the kid on a sheet of paper along with the personality we have in mind while wanting him/her to be.
Say and Do - Running commentary of what we are doing, what is happening around him/her, talking and interacting and listening.
Talking in Sleep - Talking to the kid in her/his sleep, curing the kid, letting the kid know of something in that semi-sleep state (whispering clearly in the ear in a soothing voice) after the kid goes to sleep.

I had fun and knowledge dissemination, if you want to be there... pls. be there... not just for the heck of it but to reform your own self, understanding parenting as a concept as a study as an art and not just a mere responsibility.

and YES, we can replicate what guruji says here, like how Rekha has done it wonderfully for us or me after going through the session in my own words, my experiences but that was all when we had no such option of guruji doing it for us.. but Guruvu nerpina vidyani minchinadi inkoti untundaa?.. when we have him teaching it to us, learning from him is a different thing altogether.

The session happens completely in English, so regional/local language is not a barrier... 

Jun 11, 2012

Aame Otamini Odinchindi - Gurazaada Sobha Perindevi

This is a semi biography, semi personality development book, yet another one along the lines of Sikhara Darsanam.

A book about Erra Bhavani or Abhinandana Bhavani, an organizer of events and a person who associates herself with Apna Ghar which is most certainly a very noble cause.

I have not personally heard of her before.  She happens to be organizing events under the organization Abhinandana, an offshoot of Vamsi group which does the same events, felicitating people from various fields, mostly cinema/entertainment, finding sponsors, building contacts to help support Apna Ghar, associating herself with Mahila Mandali, Pooja groups and a lot of other activities, everything I got to know only through the book.

Somehow, it did not strike a cord... I appreciate the work that is it.  Had I gotten to know her personally through her work, it would have been different but knowing her through the book which kind of seemed to point fingers while praising someone.... well, unless you bring out bad in someone else, you cant say the good about this person type of attitude or whatever.. just did not go well with the book and me.

too many print errors, contradictions, one of the very badly executed books I have read in the recent times!

Jun 10, 2012

Sataabdi Sureedu - Malathi Chandur

I really liked this book.  It is about the life and times of a baby girl Suryam (Sureedu/Suryamma) who is born into a Brahmin family where the tradition is to marry off the girls before 12 years of age.  Her father dies at an early age and her mother is widowed, the whole ritual kind of scares the hell out of that baby girl who is scared to go to her own mother in a different garb, the white saree and tonsured head.  She is married off but within a year, before even being sent to her husband's place is widowed as the boy dies due to Chickenpox and from then the troubles start in her life.

How she leads the rest of the lives, intermixed with changes in lives, the smoke engines and trains, the emergence of electricity and sophisticated ways of living and changes and all about the life of a young widow who lives to be 90, seeing the deaths of her mother and rest of her siblings and her adopted daughter Kamala who also passes away and how her end comes, very heartening and so very true!!!

A fiction that kind of touched me to the core.  The feelings of three generations of women, their strengths and weaknesses and way of life!!!

Jun 8, 2012

Craving, Confusion and Cowardice

God, I am craving some nice reads after so much of Junk that I read, at times I feel I should stop reading and give myself a break until I get some good reads but then kukka toka vankara typelo malli modalu :(.

Exercising, meditating, working a bit at home, some discipline in life minus my work life..

School time starts for the kid and I am yet undecided where to send her, not many options as to the syllabus it is going to be State as of now but which school... I actually want to send the kid to the local govt. school but there is so much of resistance and opposition considering the language and mannerisms the kid is going to pick up from there??  Trust me, I had been there and I know very well, how bad/mad it can get... Wish had some dedicated teachers to work on it.  I would still want to work it out... if I have my kid I would be more interested to work it around and make it good!!

Some times when I end up doing much against my wish, I really feel so hopeless and helpless... ededo cheseyyaali, uddarincheyyaali samaajaanni anesukotame kaani... nannu nenu uddarinchukovaali ani gattigaa anukonu...why am I hesitating so much if that is what I really want to do.  Why is that I am still dilly-dallying and want to send her to the least of the worst options I have in front of me.  Why is education system so bad in India.. there is so much the govt. is providing us with and in the trickle-down corruption effect, we do not really see the implementation...

classes 1 to 5, 2 teachers... and at any given time, unless there is an inspection only one of them is present managing all the kids.

The kids sweep the class rooms and premises, help the midday meal contractor with washing dishes...

The language they speak, the lack of hygiene and everything...

Why do I not just begin my work here, what am I so afraid of or confused about... I am beginning to doubt if all I say is from my mouth and not from my heart, when it comes to my kid, why the hell am I not willing to experiment!!!!!!  I am certain if this happens, I would just move even hell or high water to make it good for her, then why not????



Nee Raaka Kosam - Ravinutala Suvarna Kannan

An okay read with story line based on re-birth theory with 3 people linked up with each other from God knows how many births spanning 300 years of history, lovers united after much opposition in the previous generation...

.. unbelievable, logic-less read... 

Manogatam - Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao

Hmm.... another got the book so got to read it type read.. fiction, absolutely mindless, logic-less and careless work...

A poor boy brought up by a rich family, 2 boys grow up like brothers, even their names changed to match each other's Surya and Chandra.. How differences crop up, how one dies and the other gets to marry 2 girls, a crazy plot with crazy narration!

Jun 7, 2012

Madhura Swapnam - Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

After a real long time, I got hold of YSR book.. actually, eevida maa friend baamma, so at one point almost anni books chadivesaanu because Jaya, my buddy, has a bound book collection of all her works, so Yandmuri OA moolaana, Yaddanapudi Jaya moolana, Daniel Steele because of availability in Fulton County Library naa most read authors :).

Keeping it aside... ee movie maatrame kaadu, cinema kooda choosinattu gurtu naaku, Jaya Sudha, Jaya Pradha, Krishnam Raju and that song Madhura Swapnam, mana madhura swapnam ringing in my ears, I read the entire book once again visualizing them in their roles.

Interestingly, when I googled MS for director of the movie, it was cited that this movie was taken from the book The Citadel by A.J. Cronin which by the way, I had read once earlier and except for a vague storyline nothing was similar.  I am not sure if YS was inspired by that book 'cos it was not mentioned anywhere but the book comes closest to the movie and not The Citadel, so due credit for that should be given to YS and not A.J. Cronin ani naa personal feeling...

any idea what is the fact?

Movie Time


Kaneesam oke okka non-kamma manchi review iste choodaali ani wait chesaa chaala rojulu ee movie gurinchi :)... adi jaragaledu, naadi delay aipoyindi... first day first show scope undi ippudu naaku, anni maa dabbaalone release aipotunnaayi ayinaa ee totti linkup pettukuni vadilesaa... :).. anyways, elagola choosesaa :)

I actually liked Dammu and Jr. in that movie... vipareetamaina violenceni pakkana pedite, it was a good masala mass movie.  Buddodu matuku all time best... tella chokkaalo iragesesaadu asala dilkush aipoyindi, pellayyaaka maanchi kala vacchindi :) !

Nenu Govinda and Ravi Teja movies choodataaniki baaga prefer chestaanu, paisa vasool, cinema ante logicless, mindless, mass entertainers untaay but this must be the worst of all... Yamalokamlo gola.. kaakigola laaga anipinchindi... even bhoolokamlo kooda story tussss!!!! tala potu movie!

Mooda Manishi - Kaakani Chakrapani Kadhalu - 4

A nice refreshing read after the battery of movie style fiction reads for me which just happen to be random pics from the local library by my help :) and the kid.

This book consists of 18 stories, 15 of which really touched a part of me.  I would love to read the other collections of this author as the book says it is his fourth.

A close observation and indepth understanding of middle class and lower middle class lives and realities associated with it in a practical simple manner.

An interesting read!

Vecchani Vodi - Ravinutala Suvarna Kannan


An extremely doctor who worships beauty gets interested in a wedding proposal by his parents looking at the eternal external beauty.  The story has a mystery touch to it as his colleague, a not-so good looking doctor falls into a murder trap and how he along with his other doctor friend and colleague gets her out.  Gradually, he realizes the value of inner beauty and understands the shallowness of the other girl... a typical telugu movie style write-up.

Okay read... 

Jun 5, 2012

Graha paatlu

naa paatlu...

varietygaa ee madhya naaku naa left eye konchem numbgaa picchi picchigaa anipistundi, noppi ledu but somehow I do not feel all is well... debbaki dadichipoyi doctor deggaraki velte.. aayana oka satte kaalapu satteyya... rendu gantalu koorchopetti rendu saarlu kantlo chukkalu petti, dooram ninchi choosi, deggarninchi choosi, computerlo choosi, aksharaalu chadivinchesi, torch petti choosi, inkotedo petti choosi... mottam meeda ededo chesesi naaku allergic retinitis undi bhayamemi ledu.. kaaranam antoo pratyekamgaa emi ledu, cheppalemu ani malli chukkala mandulu minge billalu padesi vaaraaniki rammannaaru...

pedda tedaa emi ledu.. ee vaaram taravata malli vellaali, alaa kallu moosukuno, tv choodakundaa kevalam paatalu vintoono enta kaalam undagalam asala.. andulonu naa laanti busy body.. :(...

Bhagavantudi icche inta adbhutamaina varaalu, those beautiful natural lens in our eyes undagaa edo brahmaandamaina lens unna camera konaali laanti kalalu pettukuni unna jeevitaanni enta waste chesukuntaam kadaa... ade choopuleni vaari paristiti.. ammo taluchkuntene narakapraayamgaa undi...

ilaa okko organ oldage raakamunde taata byebye cheppestunte digulestundi appudappudu....

emi chestunnaanayyaa baabu ante rojuki aaru saarlu moodesi chukkalu mandulu kantlo posukuntoo, asso usso antoo pustakaalu chadivestoo... tappaipoyindi debbadipoyindi anukuni mallee buddhigaa dhyaanam chesukuntoo... alaa alaa alaa....

Prema Lekha - Potturi Vijaya Lakshmi

Really really enjoyed reading this book.  This book is the basis for the movie Sreevaariki Prema Lekha directed by Jandhyala... One of my most favorite movies.  Loved every bit of the movie.  Must say this is the first time ever I liked the cinematized version better than the book.  Since I already kind of knew the story,  without any change I imagined the characters in the book with the ones that were in the movie along with the songs Tolisaari and premalekha :).

The book in no way is less than the movie, though the movie has been altered to add much more comic touch towards the climax, I enjoyed reading the book thoroughly... a lovely read

Sravanthi - C. N. Chandrasekhar

Fiction with a story line based on the fears and insecurities of a young woman from Kurnool Sravanthi, who gets selected for SBI and gets posted in Chittor Branch who fortunately falls into good company but is plagued by constant fears planted in her mind about a colleague who is trusted and respected by everyone... not really gripping but okay read.

Prema Enduku? - Chandu Sombabu

Fiction again, the story line deals with life of a beautiful medico who gets sucked up into drama company and how she loses a balance between education and life and ends up destitute and who ultimately dies trying to get self-aborted.

okay read...

For Evil Eyes on LO