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Jun 11, 2012

Aame Otamini Odinchindi - Gurazaada Sobha Perindevi

This is a semi biography, semi personality development book, yet another one along the lines of Sikhara Darsanam.

A book about Erra Bhavani or Abhinandana Bhavani, an organizer of events and a person who associates herself with Apna Ghar which is most certainly a very noble cause.

I have not personally heard of her before.  She happens to be organizing events under the organization Abhinandana, an offshoot of Vamsi group which does the same events, felicitating people from various fields, mostly cinema/entertainment, finding sponsors, building contacts to help support Apna Ghar, associating herself with Mahila Mandali, Pooja groups and a lot of other activities, everything I got to know only through the book.

Somehow, it did not strike a cord... I appreciate the work that is it.  Had I gotten to know her personally through her work, it would have been different but knowing her through the book which kind of seemed to point fingers while praising someone.... well, unless you bring out bad in someone else, you cant say the good about this person type of attitude or whatever.. just did not go well with the book and me.

too many print errors, contradictions, one of the very badly executed books I have read in the recent times!

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