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Jun 7, 2012

Madhura Swapnam - Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

After a real long time, I got hold of YSR book.. actually, eevida maa friend baamma, so at one point almost anni books chadivesaanu because Jaya, my buddy, has a bound book collection of all her works, so Yandmuri OA moolaana, Yaddanapudi Jaya moolana, Daniel Steele because of availability in Fulton County Library naa most read authors :).

Keeping it aside... ee movie maatrame kaadu, cinema kooda choosinattu gurtu naaku, Jaya Sudha, Jaya Pradha, Krishnam Raju and that song Madhura Swapnam, mana madhura swapnam ringing in my ears, I read the entire book once again visualizing them in their roles.

Interestingly, when I googled MS for director of the movie, it was cited that this movie was taken from the book The Citadel by A.J. Cronin which by the way, I had read once earlier and except for a vague storyline nothing was similar.  I am not sure if YS was inspired by that book 'cos it was not mentioned anywhere but the book comes closest to the movie and not The Citadel, so due credit for that should be given to YS and not A.J. Cronin ani naa personal feeling...

any idea what is the fact?


HarshaBharath said...

How are you??

HarshaBharath said...

How are you?

Sree said...

Long time Harsha, am good, recovering how about you?

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