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Jun 7, 2012

Movie Time


Kaneesam oke okka non-kamma manchi review iste choodaali ani wait chesaa chaala rojulu ee movie gurinchi :)... adi jaragaledu, naadi delay aipoyindi... first day first show scope undi ippudu naaku, anni maa dabbaalone release aipotunnaayi ayinaa ee totti linkup pettukuni vadilesaa... :).. anyways, elagola choosesaa :)

I actually liked Dammu and Jr. in that movie... vipareetamaina violenceni pakkana pedite, it was a good masala mass movie.  Buddodu matuku all time best... tella chokkaalo iragesesaadu asala dilkush aipoyindi, pellayyaaka maanchi kala vacchindi :) !

Nenu Govinda and Ravi Teja movies choodataaniki baaga prefer chestaanu, paisa vasool, cinema ante logicless, mindless, mass entertainers untaay but this must be the worst of all... Yamalokamlo gola.. kaakigola laaga anipinchindi... even bhoolokamlo kooda story tussss!!!! tala potu movie!

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