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Jun 5, 2012

Prema Lekha - Potturi Vijaya Lakshmi

Really really enjoyed reading this book.  This book is the basis for the movie Sreevaariki Prema Lekha directed by Jandhyala... One of my most favorite movies.  Loved every bit of the movie.  Must say this is the first time ever I liked the cinematized version better than the book.  Since I already kind of knew the story,  without any change I imagined the characters in the book with the ones that were in the movie along with the songs Tolisaari and premalekha :).

The book in no way is less than the movie, though the movie has been altered to add much more comic touch towards the climax, I enjoyed reading the book thoroughly... a lovely read

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Maya Gracious said...

why dnt u open a website or blog and get those book virtual
scan the books and upload them and give those links on website so every1 can read.

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