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Jun 10, 2012

Sataabdi Sureedu - Malathi Chandur

I really liked this book.  It is about the life and times of a baby girl Suryam (Sureedu/Suryamma) who is born into a Brahmin family where the tradition is to marry off the girls before 12 years of age.  Her father dies at an early age and her mother is widowed, the whole ritual kind of scares the hell out of that baby girl who is scared to go to her own mother in a different garb, the white saree and tonsured head.  She is married off but within a year, before even being sent to her husband's place is widowed as the boy dies due to Chickenpox and from then the troubles start in her life.

How she leads the rest of the lives, intermixed with changes in lives, the smoke engines and trains, the emergence of electricity and sophisticated ways of living and changes and all about the life of a young widow who lives to be 90, seeing the deaths of her mother and rest of her siblings and her adopted daughter Kamala who also passes away and how her end comes, very heartening and so very true!!!

A fiction that kind of touched me to the core.  The feelings of three generations of women, their strengths and weaknesses and way of life!!!

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