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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Jul 30, 2012


I have not really realized where time just flew,

the other day I happened to catch the last telecasted program of Satyameva Jayate and realized that I have not seen it since its 7th episode and the finale show happened the other day...

been to library last almost a month ago..

all I do is stay in snooze mode I guess...

Shake it up baby!!!!! I need better time management.

Jul 29, 2012

The lag

there has been a lag in a lot of things of late... a couple of more alphabets and I am done with the rural Telugu alphabet theme, what next anukodaaniki, this thing close to my heart itself has been neglected kaabatti anta pedda aim cheyyatledu..

>>> is raining off and on, not too much of mud but just enough to walk about without slipping.
...a new set of household help, very minimalist though, is in place.  Life becomes so less complex when there is as less intervention as possible.
...too many mosquitoes thanks to oodupulu season, all of them seem to be having a vacation at our homes away from the fields, having a field day sucking up blood.
...the dysentery doing rounds in the village seems to subside but the housefly herds, God seemingly millions of them still continue without restraints!
...ISP parenting classes are good, am taking in what interests me, shocked at what is difficult for me to digest but on the whole thinking some good ways of parenting.

and I just wanted to do a random rambling, 'cos I finished my work, the kid is drinking milk for the past one hour.. not a gallon but somewhere around 3 oz, sigh!!! but I decided not to look at that side or scream or lose my balance and just let her be no matter how much sweet time she takes... sigh

Jul 28, 2012

Some days...

and Some Times

.... I just feel like lazing around, doing nothing, sleeping...

.... I just feel like running around but cant do...

.... I just feel like being there for Sreya every single moment but end up getting pissed off despite not wanting to...

.... I just feel like being the person I want to be from within but end up being someone I dont recognize...

I want to wake up, get things straight before time passes by me mocking me for my inability to utilize a golden opportunity but somehow just let the moment pass....

I need to BUCK UP...

Jul 27, 2012

Anaithikam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

The book is a narrative by 3 women, Ahalya, Syamala and Acchamma as to what is the acceptable norm in the society..

edi naitikam edi anaitikam.. tana daakaa vaste aadarsaalu elaa maarchukuntaaru, oka stree pade sangharshana, tana viewpointlo, tana narrative paramgaa readerski explain chese prayatnam...

Liked it..!

Jul 25, 2012

Uhhu.. Uhhuu

So, yet again another hibernating phase where I do not even update my pet picture blog.. what have I  been doing. well so many things and nothing really.

The domestic help gave away or I gave up on her/them is the right word to say, so much of internal conflict, so much of negativity, so much of anger, so much of hurt, so much of frustration and last but not least so much of back breaking work which I kind of lost in touch with.  Thankfully, the kid has been good, had been doing good health-wise except for minor cold and seasonal change and she has really taken to her new school.

She is very much attached to the household help(s) as she kind of grew up with them, it is tough and even heartbreaking to see her chanting their names to the point of questioning whether I did the right thing taking them out.. but for my peace of mind, I had to.

Am I growing old, senile, vintage model or what??  I do not really like the way youth behaves these days, their love life.. yeah, you heard it right bothers me no end.. such young buds who have their own strange notions on love, which is just time pass, a teenage fantasy, no morals, no fear of consequences.. scaring me to death thinking about the complications and implications whatever 'cos they stay at my place for quite some time in the day.

Whether I am willing to take up caring for teenage kids, even if they are household maids??? Nope.. I just cannot!!! too much on my plate to try and get things in order where there is utter chaos.  I end up feeling cheated, used and thrown..

EVERYTHING kind of boiled down to one thing.. do I need to spend so much time on things that are not in my control anyways and thereby neglect the kid.. NO.. I need to get her used to life in general, not the pampered queen life she had until now, so things have been going on and on and on... got an entirely new set of household helps with very minimal stay in the house hours, come, work, go types.. and GOD, is it peace...!! Heaven!!

The kid is yet to get used.. but she will eventually and has to.

Books and Health
Whenever I am sick.. yeah, finally after so many months of forgetting what being an asthmatic is like, each and every nerve fiber, joint, part in the body screams out individually saying hi and hello... and I end up on the bed, reading so many books to keep me sane.. and what best than covering the entire YVN series that OA happens to have at his place. Completed a bunch and have quite a few more..

Bye Bye BL
This year, I have decided to not get the British Library gift membership card by OA renewed, cover all the telugu books I can when I can still lay my hands on them is my current motto... thanks to the pains and aches, I am getting good time with the kid safely in school...

Buck Up
I need to pull myself up and complete the alphabet series that I had started, high time I do....

Chaitu, this is for you :), I will update the pic blog soon... promise! ).. love to Pishtru.

Swara Bethaalam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Like he discusses Section 320 in Abhilasha, this book runs around Section 84 in IPC.. a fiction woven around some real life incidents in an interesting manner.

A person who kills his wife in public view gets acquitted on the grounds that he is mentally unstable.... reason???

the clever use of section 84... plot woven interestingly around a clever way to get away from pre-meditated murder.. good read.

Radha Kunthi - Yandamoori Veerendranath

The book deals with the internal struggle of two women Radha and Jaya.  In the backdrop of radio station in and around 1980s, the program schedules, the lives, politics, etc :) the actual title theme is about questioning the internal conflicts of women who can be categorised as Radha who found love in Krishna or Kunthi who got Karna from Surya!

Krishnudini enchukunna Radha cheddadaa?
Karnudini Kanna Kunthi Cheddadaa??

A good insightful read.

This book also has 6 stories at the end which are also good to read :).

Atadu Aame Priyudu - Yandamoori Veerendranath

A person who kills his wife escapes just the night before his hanging is to be carried out.  His final desire is to meet the girl of his dreams, who was his fellow student but whom he could never muster courage to talk to.

Events take a surprising turn when he gets to know that the person who was his wife's lover is actually his lover's husband and how he risks his life to get to see happiness in his girl's face makes up the story.

Typical movie-masala entertaining fiction... good read :).

Duppatlo Minnaagu - Yandamoori Veerendranath

A different way of writing, a cocktail of 6 stories by 4 friends and 2 "souls" bhootaalu :)... good attempt at clubbing them all together, liked the experiment.

Five friends who meet at a place for drinks after several years, where the bet is that one tells the least interesting story gets to pay the entire bill for this party.  Each of them comes up with a good story leaving the listeners wanting for more.  Each of them tells something better than the other, each story has some valid point or the other, some style of narration, some mystery, some suspense, where the ending is not completely revealed but is tempting to the others to ask what happens next...

How it all ends up in a surprising twist with a supernatural element is a cool read.

The dairy of Mrs. Sarada - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Story of a man Bosu, whose life takes various turns and twists where he gets in contact with two women Lakshmi Sarada and Visaarada... one who loves him and one who he loves.

Typical YVN thriller type of a read with some good quotes.  This is an interesting read given that it provides life in two different view points of two different women and also the guy who stands for what he believes in.

Good read.

Ladies Hostel - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Book plot deals with the murder mystery that happens in a ladies hostel.  The accused is an upcoming cricket star who gets married and gets arrested on his first night and how his wife, psychology student, risks her family's ire and struggles to get to the root of the entire thing and how she unveils things happening in ladies' hostels is an interesting read.

As usual, the author mixes real life incidents and gets a good fiction out of it.

good read.

Aasala Sikharaalu - Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani

A typical YSR read.. loosely based on the theme "no one can change the entire world, the best one can do is live without harming others.." my fundaa :) where the protagonist sees different stages in life before settling for ultimate peace and compromise in life.

Simple narrative, okay, easy breezy read.

Bangaaru Rojulu - Kavana Sarma

A fiction based on college/university life/politics/friendships/love/family/society in a bygone era...first published in 1976, it typically reads like a story in those days..

We get a feel of an old world movie... enchakka Harnath and Jamuna alaa imagine chesukuntoo chadivesina book :).

Kshaminchu Supriya - Yandamoori Veerendranath

A collection of dozen stories written in various styles, a good read.

This book begins with a note by Puranam Subramanya Sarma on criticism on YVN's works, his writing style, his being a junk writer, who spoils literature and things like that.. provides an interesting read :) like his own works :).

All said and done, as an official fan, I find his writings amusing, entertaining and taking me to a different world.. never failing to capture my attention... :).

Jul 10, 2012

So, I had been...

doing a lot of things these past few days.  Got the kid admitted to a school in the next village after what I thought was much thought-after decision and fell flat.  The kid did not like her school, too much strength for pre-kg class around 60, no fans (well, I still curse myself for not looking up or having that doubt), they got one the moment I decided to pull her out but the damage was done.  Even if there were fans fitted, there was almost no power round-the-clock thanks to the power and water crisis going on!!!

The primary concern however was food intake, the boxes both lunch and snack came uneaten and the worst part was the kid used to cry and vomit her breakfast.. sick feeling seeing the kid the way she became in just a matter of week, clingy, cranky.. singing I do not want to go to school every single day..  I should have listened to my gut feeling, got her out the first day, I realized it was a mistake, which was the moment I got her to the class... NO...!! FOR ONCE, I decide to stick to my mother's expert opinion and curse myself for having done so.  My precious child suffered like anything for 2 full weeks before I decide to put an end to it... totally entirely completely my fault.. I  should have listened to her.

Now, we found another school, kind of a mixed playschool where she gets to play, individual attention with just 20 kids, no forced learning, eating on her own, reciting happily what she learns, playing with other children and most essentially looking forward to go to school.. THANK GOD!!! the ordeal is over!

I consider myself a most nonfussy parent, not forcing her to learn, just play and learn and enjoy every moment but just be happy with whatever she does but obviously I expect too much from the kid.. being happy.  I expect her to be happy but I do not see the signs, expect her to be happy despite of my mistakes, expect her to be happy not learning when she was actually bored about not learning anything new.  She wants to learn and I SHOULD provide her what she needs to be happy rather than just expect her to be happy and blame her for not being so when there is absolutely no pressure.. I had been forcing her to be happy :(((.. I am not sure if I put it right but words are failing me.

Mom knows the best is true to an extent but kids actually know what is best for them in their own way, just look at the signs and make them comfortable and happiness would just follow..

Sorry little one to put you through this.. forgive mamma!!!!  Look at my ego, I am even scared to admit that to you because deep down I have a feeling you would take it as my weakness and play me to suit your needs... I need to go a loooooooooong way in parenting...!!

Kadha 2004

Kadha 2004

An excellent collection of 14 stories.  Different dialects of narration, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.  One of the most intriguing and thought provoking reads in the recent times a good one for story collectors.  Great job by the publishers.

Pelli Evariki - Arikepudi Kousalya Devi

Fiction set in just post-Independence era in a backdrop of a dysfunctional family where both the patriarch and the matriarch have unruly ways one chooses to claim fame giving speeches on abolishing dowry and all social activities secretly following the exact opposite at home and mother neglecting her daughters and sons and is a strict typical wicked mother-in-law to an obedient DIL.

There are 3 sons and 2 daughter, the elder one married with a kid, the second one a rebel and third one the sensible among the lot.  First daughter is educated and works despite opposition from the family but the younger one falls for her father's clerk and is unruly.  How the third son takes the reins of the family and gets  them all back on track is the gist.. an okay middle class backdrop read!


Watched the movie other day.  The news is that our dabba Poornima has DTS and QUBE satellite facility now and all the movies are released first day first show.. SUPER!!

The theater is essentially very much the same, no lights, no proper fans and stuff but yes, it is up to date with latest movie featuring technology.  Considering that the kid only likes watching movies in our dabba, I end up going there when I take the kid and even otherwise got so used to it that neater places seem too uncomfortable ;).

Coming to the movie, loved watching it.  Nani rocked in his minuscule role.  It was Sudeep all the way, a gem of an actor considering he might not even have had a fly hovering around him. It is his show all through.. and of course Eega saigalu... signs of the fly were really convincing and actually understandable.. the subtle comedy at the end, the fly dance.. loved everything about the movie... can watch once again.. and mind you only in theater :).

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