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Jul 10, 2012


Watched the movie other day.  The news is that our dabba Poornima has DTS and QUBE satellite facility now and all the movies are released first day first show.. SUPER!!

The theater is essentially very much the same, no lights, no proper fans and stuff but yes, it is up to date with latest movie featuring technology.  Considering that the kid only likes watching movies in our dabba, I end up going there when I take the kid and even otherwise got so used to it that neater places seem too uncomfortable ;).

Coming to the movie, loved watching it.  Nani rocked in his minuscule role.  It was Sudeep all the way, a gem of an actor considering he might not even have had a fly hovering around him. It is his show all through.. and of course Eega saigalu... signs of the fly were really convincing and actually understandable.. the subtle comedy at the end, the fly dance.. loved everything about the movie... can watch once again.. and mind you only in theater :).

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