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Jul 10, 2012

Pelli Evariki - Arikepudi Kousalya Devi

Fiction set in just post-Independence era in a backdrop of a dysfunctional family where both the patriarch and the matriarch have unruly ways one chooses to claim fame giving speeches on abolishing dowry and all social activities secretly following the exact opposite at home and mother neglecting her daughters and sons and is a strict typical wicked mother-in-law to an obedient DIL.

There are 3 sons and 2 daughter, the elder one married with a kid, the second one a rebel and third one the sensible among the lot.  First daughter is educated and works despite opposition from the family but the younger one falls for her father's clerk and is unruly.  How the third son takes the reins of the family and gets  them all back on track is the gist.. an okay middle class backdrop read!

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