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Jul 29, 2012

The lag

there has been a lag in a lot of things of late... a couple of more alphabets and I am done with the rural Telugu alphabet theme, what next anukodaaniki, this thing close to my heart itself has been neglected kaabatti anta pedda aim cheyyatledu..

>>> is raining off and on, not too much of mud but just enough to walk about without slipping.
...a new set of household help, very minimalist though, is in place.  Life becomes so less complex when there is as less intervention as possible.
...too many mosquitoes thanks to oodupulu season, all of them seem to be having a vacation at our homes away from the fields, having a field day sucking up blood.
...the dysentery doing rounds in the village seems to subside but the housefly herds, God seemingly millions of them still continue without restraints!
...ISP parenting classes are good, am taking in what interests me, shocked at what is difficult for me to digest but on the whole thinking some good ways of parenting.

and I just wanted to do a random rambling, 'cos I finished my work, the kid is drinking milk for the past one hour.. not a gallon but somewhere around 3 oz, sigh!!! but I decided not to look at that side or scream or lose my balance and just let her be no matter how much sweet time she takes... sigh

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