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Jul 25, 2012

Uhhu.. Uhhuu

So, yet again another hibernating phase where I do not even update my pet picture blog.. what have I  been doing. well so many things and nothing really.

The domestic help gave away or I gave up on her/them is the right word to say, so much of internal conflict, so much of negativity, so much of anger, so much of hurt, so much of frustration and last but not least so much of back breaking work which I kind of lost in touch with.  Thankfully, the kid has been good, had been doing good health-wise except for minor cold and seasonal change and she has really taken to her new school.

She is very much attached to the household help(s) as she kind of grew up with them, it is tough and even heartbreaking to see her chanting their names to the point of questioning whether I did the right thing taking them out.. but for my peace of mind, I had to.

Am I growing old, senile, vintage model or what??  I do not really like the way youth behaves these days, their love life.. yeah, you heard it right bothers me no end.. such young buds who have their own strange notions on love, which is just time pass, a teenage fantasy, no morals, no fear of consequences.. scaring me to death thinking about the complications and implications whatever 'cos they stay at my place for quite some time in the day.

Whether I am willing to take up caring for teenage kids, even if they are household maids??? Nope.. I just cannot!!! too much on my plate to try and get things in order where there is utter chaos.  I end up feeling cheated, used and thrown..

EVERYTHING kind of boiled down to one thing.. do I need to spend so much time on things that are not in my control anyways and thereby neglect the kid.. NO.. I need to get her used to life in general, not the pampered queen life she had until now, so things have been going on and on and on... got an entirely new set of household helps with very minimal stay in the house hours, come, work, go types.. and GOD, is it peace...!! Heaven!!

The kid is yet to get used.. but she will eventually and has to.

Books and Health
Whenever I am sick.. yeah, finally after so many months of forgetting what being an asthmatic is like, each and every nerve fiber, joint, part in the body screams out individually saying hi and hello... and I end up on the bed, reading so many books to keep me sane.. and what best than covering the entire YVN series that OA happens to have at his place. Completed a bunch and have quite a few more..

Bye Bye BL
This year, I have decided to not get the British Library gift membership card by OA renewed, cover all the telugu books I can when I can still lay my hands on them is my current motto... thanks to the pains and aches, I am getting good time with the kid safely in school...

Buck Up
I need to pull myself up and complete the alphabet series that I had started, high time I do....

Chaitu, this is for you :), I will update the pic blog soon... promise! ).. love to Pishtru.

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