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Aug 4, 2012

Ankitam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Typical YVN fiction with an illogical and unbelievable story line.  The story of a guy set out to save the son who he found at his doorstep as an infant.

The boy has failing kidneys and his kidney needs to be translated with one from his blood relatives, preferably a parent or a sibling for the fear of rejection as the time runs out, how the story unfolds where he realizes the boy is actually the son of the girl Sumadyuthi who he silently loves, who gets married to another guy who keeps doubting her for no fault of hers.  Though really illogical at times, I just loved the narrative and the quotes that come before certain chapters are really really good

"Aandolanani bootaddamlo chooste adi bhayam autundi"

Ninnu nuvvu kolpokundaa chesukogaligedi nuvve.

jeevitamlo rende rendu kaaranaalu phalitaalu, duradrushtavasaattu manam kaaranaalu vetukkodaaniki vecchinchina samayam phalitaalani sampaadinchataaniki ivvam.

Nijam - anveshanalonchi vastundi
Gelupu - krushilonchi vastundi

kontalo padi saatam, soonyamlo nooru saatam kante ekkuva.

ee prapamchamlo annitikante vishaadam enti ante manam chesede inkokaru cheste, adi manaki tappugaa anipinchatam.


Many more such beautiful quotes and prologues in this book... simple wordslo soul-searching depth undi.. loved it.

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