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Aug 1, 2012


Phew, it is so easy to collect the mess that we do not need and might not ever use again, phew, no matter how much I try not to accumulate things just pile up... especially the kid's stuff these days.

I got a few new dresses, so time to give away the equal number which I am yet to do... same with the kid's clothes.. the catch here, however, is that I do not feel like giving the costly and really cute-looking fancy ones to the people in village :( and end up piling them up.  When I see the kids wearing them dirty and out of shape and color and everything, I feel it is such a waste.. :(, it would be better if I do not see others wearing them.

Toys....!  I have stopped buying toys to the kid this year consciously... other than an odd ball or puzzle, I did not getting anything but the old ones which for the same reason I cannot throw way are lying in front of me.. high time I need to either pack them off my sight or give them away...

The kid is having her first exam and looks like I am having the blues :).  First Unit test to be precise.. big day for her and so mine too.  From the bottom of the heart, I am not really bothered about the outcome or whatever or even generate that exam fear into her but I guess she got it from school but she was practicing her Aa, Bb, Cc (written), Aa to Jj (oral/identification).. which is the portion for today's English oral/written test... I told her to take it easy and not bother to prepare as she already knows them but she is insistent that one has to study and study and study for the exam.. God!!! where did she get that, certainly not from me.. kiddo definitely or maybe even OA.

My heart went out when she was practicing again and again and again what she already knew just because it was an exam day.. did not know whether to stop her or just let her be....

phew my parenting blues!

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