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Aug 15, 2012

Devudi Paata - Penumaaka Nageswara Rao

kitty party ani stylegaa ee rojullo piluchukune daani asalu roopam cheeti paata ani chinnappudu vinedaanni nenu.. ivi vesi munigipoyina vaallu, munchesina vaallu, veeti aasa meeda jeevitaalu velladeesevaallu veellani choostoo perigina vaatavaranam naadi oka rakamgaa... madhya taragati sagatu bratukulo oka bhaagam aipoyina paata ee cheeti paata.

A fiction based on lives of people revolving around the monthly chits.. A lady who runs chits in a village, her past and present, an orphan girl who is raised collectively by the people in the village one per each day of the week, and each of the families in which she spends the week comprise of the main characters along with the guy who suddenly appears from that lady's past and takes her and the entire village for a ride... 

okay read.  Climax however is left to the reader's imagination....

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