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Aug 25, 2012

Palu Gaakulu

The saying lokulu palu gaakulu is so apt.  I have been meaning to post this for quite a while, each time I just forget about it after a moment of observation.

Crows.. the place i stay in happen to have a lot of them, too many associations with them in life too, we first learn this story of a clever thirsty crow, the belief that when it caws relatives are going to arrive, when someone dies we wait for our ancestors through them to finish the meal we offer in the rituals.  In towns, I rarely see one but here in villages they are our every day buddies.

Feeding birds is something that I happened to consciously develop after I had been to US, earlier too we did, but not really planned as such.  Every day I make it a point to give feed them something, not in a bowl or anything just throw it away like that, even when not a single crow in sight, the moment I fling something into air, at least 4 to 5 of them would fly down from somewhere, dont know from where they would see it but they would just be there..

and in a moment I realize how true it is, even people would be lurking around looking for an opportunity and once it presents itself, they would just do anything to pounce on it.  Every single moment in life, we are kind of surrounded by people who may not want something bad to happen but not hesitate a moment to get the max out of it.  I used to wonder if it were so in my limited world, the people surrounding me but of late I realize such is the trend everywhere, rapidly diminishing values, so much of politics happening around, lack of humanity, something in front, something in the backdrop.!!

Still so many things happening around me, all in a ziffy.. and not a single moment goes without reminding the person we are here for, MIL, I do not really wish I had been here in her presence though I much rather prefer that than doing all this in her absence for her... emptiness seeping in slowly, gradually and eventually... waiting for all of it to get over, get done with, to fall in normal pattern of life which I actually do not see in the near future, but need to work on it...!

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