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Aug 15, 2012

UnFollow'ed... Cord Cut???

Of late, I have realized that my life is more happening along the lines of internet, friendships thereof, live stories therein and even to the point of sharing, caring, firing on the people unknown, unheard of, unseen.. just a plain blind faith and trust that has bonded a lot of us ladies together.

An online community that has been my buddy in the toughest times, the only sane outlet other than the blog.. or must say more than the blog because I found peace and comfort looking at lives of women in various modes of life, very patient, taking care of home, studying/working, kids, maintaining wonderful relationships.. the true women of substance, who when need presents itself, just help, who meet often in real life, who share and care and provide life support... anything that I say about this wonderful place is really really less.. even an effort to put it in words is a waste, made some wonderful friends for life.. Thank you all for every single thing, I am touched with everything and how special you make me feel.

Before, I waver from my decision, I quickly get out of it for which I chose the Independence day.. the day I broke an important bond and got free... for good, certainly 'cos the kid will get my undivided attention, work gets done faster and I get to plan a lot of things from utter chaos that is impending in a short while due to some crucial decisions of life.  One remote corner still wants to take it along with the support system but something strongly says I need to get in touch with reality and real-time friends that I kind of left behind, very very far.... promising to look at it some time later in life, much later, a few more months later, by then the intensity would be a lot more milder and I know I could still survive!!!

Kid is used to having so many people around her, so much of attention and social life and in spite of it all clinginess to me, need to work on a lot of things before I isolate her from the surroundings and take her to an alien place.. firstly, I need to prepare my self and brace for the eventuality.

Once upon a time, I was addicted to FarmVille in FB so much so that I used to get up keeping alarm to harvest crops and this was when the kid was a newborn, I once skipped her 2-hr feeding schedule in the chaos and that day, it just stopped.. priorities!!! Kid and nothing more than that.. FV stopped cold turkey, since then I put my efforts at real life gardening and that too with the kid, green earth for a cute kid that I brought into this world!!.. then a couple of years laters, FB taking too much time, lack of privacy, too much of junk information like who went where with whom, how.. who ate what with which ingredients, whose kid/dog/cat/pet had what milestones and everything else became a lot more important than what my next door neighbor says or does..!!  One fine day, it is gone too.. and one more thing that glues me to the system other than this blog is Orkut and my favorite community in it.. and today, I put an end to it too.  No, I am not getting out of touch with Net or Net-izens, it is just that I am planning to be more involved with the next door citizen and get things in order in life..

I will be here for a while to come... well, I guess as long as I live, 'cos I need something, my place, my space..very own space..

Miss my buddies out there across the globe already, I have some withdrawal symptoms too but I am sure a couple of days, things will fall into place..

Love to one and all... and most importantly love to me :).. Self love.. the love for I, me, myself.. it is better with the clutter less in that IMM zone, however much wonderful people are online, I need to get in touch with things around me NOW....

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The Traveller said...

You know how Ifeel about this...not happy..balance is the need of the unattached commitment..Even though at times, its hard.

You were free before, and will be so forever,nothing can keep you bonded if do not want it to.

For Evil Eyes on LO