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Aug 15, 2012

Yugaantam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Digging into my YVN collection I chance upon Yugantam which is a very thin book, pulled it out meaning it be a quick and easy breezy read.

A fiction based on a feeling what if world comes to an end suddenly and people get to know that the world is going to be destroyed by a star that by chance has come out of its orbit heads rapidly towards the earth, destroys moon and ultimately destroys earth.

A poor Indian professor by chance gets to know about this fact and when he tries to contact world powers, he gets to understand that the observatories have been closed.  Before he realizes the reason for their silence on the issue, things get out of his hand the facts come out open in media.  At first there is disbelief but as the moon disappears and things begin to happen the way the prof. predicts, people realize that end is near, how life is thrown out of gear, things are utter chaos, terror reigns supreme and eventually when the end comes how dirty things could get...

Considering this book was written even before the skylab incident, it is a scary fiction.. I mean if you had read this and then knew that sky lab thing is going to hit, I would have been scared!!!

Good read.

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